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Queen of Rap Nicky Minaj Adopts Happy Hippos NFT project

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Nicky Minaj Happy Hippos

The whole concept of NFT is currently in the spotlight and has managed to draw a global-scale interest. This is because of the innovative offerings and collectibles that make for non-fungible tokens. NFT and blockchain enthusiasts are now very much interested in investing and protecting their data over reliable digital frameworks like NFT. In general NFTs are purchased with cryptocurrency like Ether (ETH), the native currency of the Ethereum network, which is easily converted to USD on crypto exchange kucoin and many other exchanges.

Now more than ever before, renowned stars are adopting NFTs and the latest one to do so is the American star rapper Nicky Minaj with the Happy Hippos NFT project.

The skilled singer-songwriter and famous rapper used her official twitter account to promote the Happy Hippos NFT campaign. Shocked by this sudden move, Nicky Minaj’s fans could not believe it and got together on all social media fronts to try and rescue her because they could not understand this move.

Nonetheless, a source close to the star rapper confirmed that she indeed created that post in conscious support for the Happy Hippos NFT project.

Happy Hippos NFT is a new NFT project featuring presented as new hippo collectibles. The project frameworks defines that the Happy Hippos are currently living in a space called Harmony. The hippos are of different colors and take on very interesting characters that make them appealing to adults and kids alike.

The characters are a selection of 8888 hippos from a well of more than one million hippos to make the first generation of Happy Hippos.

In this project, Happy Hippos are considered an endangered species that live in place called Harmony, in Africa. The hippos are out for adoption by any willing user, who will in turn be rewarded for their purchase. The project holds that once a user buys a Happy Hippo NFT token, they get a recognized ownership certificate called “Real Hippo Adopter”.

The money the new Happy Hippo holder uses to purchase their NFT is given to a wildlife foundation that is concerned with protecting hippos as they live in their natural habitats. Adoption is done through Happy Hippos

The Happy Hippos pre-sale started on the night of November 8, which is what Nicky Minaj announced. She also asked her followers to be on stand-by for the official launching of the project on November 11. Once launching is done, the Happy Hippos will be on sale for 0.088 $ETH, but users can take advantage of the pre-sale rate of 0.06 $ETH available beginning last night up until the official launch.

Table of Contents


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