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Report Shows North Korean Attackers Target Crypto Users Through Telegram

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According to data provided by the Russian-based Kaspersky Labs, North Korean hackers are targetting cryptocurrency users on Telegram to steal their funds. The report has been closely following attacks from the Lazarus Group that has been operating in the market for several months and that affected a large number of users. 

North Korean Hackers Operating Through Telegram?

North Korean hackers could be operating using the popular messaging platform Telegram to steal users’ funds through crypto hacks and other methods. Back in 2018, many exchanges were targetted by hackers apparently operating from North Korea, resulting in the loss of millions of USD from crypto traders and enthusiasts. This is why it is always recommended for crypto holders to move the funds they have in exchanges to local cryptocurrency wallets. 

The report explains that one of the ways the attackers operated was through a fake update for a cryptocurrency wallet in the market. This allowed them to have access to many users and get data from these individuals. Mac users were also affected through a software that was released by these attackers and that couldn’t be detected by the systems. 

Nonetheless, through the Telegram messaging application, hackers are also sending manipulated software that has embedded malware. Users of different crypto groups should be certainly focused on these things and not download any file if they do not really know who the sender is or if they are working together. 

As per the reports, most of these cryptocurrency-related channels were set up by the hackers themselves in order to have easy access to these traders and crypto holders. Thus, they have already targetted a large number of individuals in the space. 

At the same time, there are fake crypto sites that are completely fraudulent despite offering solutions to users. Kaspersky informed that these websites provided broken links, and many of them were not even complete. That being said, it is always important for individuals and crypto enthusiasts to be sure about the websites they visit and how they handle downloads. 

Some of the victims were located in Poland, Russia and China. Users in the United Kingdom were also the target of these hackers that apparently come from North Korea. Nevertheless, officials from the country have many times mentioned that they are not involved in hacking activities. Lazarus is expected to continue with its operations through diverse methods and techniques. 

Table of Contents


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