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Ripple Adds New Features to the XRP Ledger and Makes Transactions More Efficient

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Ripple has decided to add new features to its Xpring solution that would make the entire blockchain more efficient to be used by clients. This is going to help the way in which financial companies send and receive transactions through the XRP Ledger

Ripple To Add New Features to its Services

In a recent blog post released by Ripple’s Product Manager of the XRP Ledger and xRapid, Warren Paul Anderson, he informed that the XRP Ledger will add new updates and add support for new features through packages for the XRP Ledger that were made available last week. 

This includes the XRP Ledger (rippled) version 1.5.0 and the rippled version 1.6.0-b1. The Version 1.5.0 introduced support for gRPC API, API versioning, UNL propagation using the peer network, new RPC Methods, augmented submit method, improved tx method, and many other things that include bug fixes. 

The version 1.6.0-n1 includes an upgrade to the XRP Ledger Devnet, which is hosted by the Xpring team at Ripple. This would give developers early access to the latest version of the rippled. 

It is worth mentioning that the new rippled verison1.5.0 is going to be released and deployed on the XRP Ledger Testnet as soon as on April 15. In this way, developers will have the possibility to test their applications and get ready for the official release of the XRP Ledger Mainnet. 

In addition to it, the Xpring team is also going to be upgrading its XRP Ledger Mainnet rippled servers, which include clusters and also validators. Furthermore, there are several amendments that are being proposed in order to change the way in which the rippled protocol works, including the fixQualityUpperBound, the fixXhxkTreading and the fixPayCanRecipientDir. 

In the matter, Warren Paul Anderson wrote:

“We encourage rippled server operators to review the proposed upgrade to rippled version 1.5.0, learn more about the Amendments above, and upgrade to rippled version 1.5.0 by Wednesday 2020-04-29 in order to ensure service continuity.”

The main goal is to continue with the development of open protocols – including the XRP Ledger – and work on creating a better financial world by using Ripple’s services, products and the Xpring solution. 

Currently, XRP is the third-largest cryptocurrency in the market and it has a price of $0.1881 and a valuation of $8.29 billion. 

Table of Contents


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