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Ripple Suggests It’s Working On a Trading Platform Linked to XRP

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Ripple suggested that it is currently working on a new exchange platform that would be used side by side with the XRP digital asset. This is according to a new job listing in which they explained that they would like to develop a new “next generation trading platform.” 

Ripple Continues Expanding Its Network

Ripple is searching for an engineering manager that would help the company improve its ODL customers experience. With this new position, they are also expecting to integrate their new and next generation trading platform with the XRP cryptocurrency. 

The official job listing reads:

“We’re looking for an engineering manager to lead and shape the team responsible for the ODL customer experience, integration into our next generation trading platform and be a critical part of defining the future trajectory of On Demand Liquidity and RippleNet.”

The position is for individuals that want to work in San Francisco, where Ripple has its headquarters. In addition to it, the person in charge is expected to spend 50% of its time coding and reviewing code. 

Ripple is currently offering services to over 300 companies around the world that are now connected with each other using the RippleNet. This allows these firms to process faster and cheaper transactions but without necessarily using the XRP virtual currency. 

Moreover, Ripple has also developed the on-demand liquidity (ODL) product (previously known as xRapid) in order to help firms and individuals process fast and cheap transactions by using the XRP virtual currency. Many currency corridors gain liquidity and individuals that are migrant workers can now easily send their funds back to their families in just a few steps. 

The XRP virtual currency would allow users to exchange two different fiat currencies in a fast and easy way. Companies would buy the XRP digital asset with their local fiat currency, they will perform the transaction using XRP in just some seconds, and the funds will be sold after it for the other local fiat currency. 

Ripple is now getting prepared for the coming months in the crypto market by offering better solutions to users and traders. In this way, it would be possible for them to finally send and receive money across borders in a fast way. 

XRP is currently the third-largest cryptocurrency in the market with a valuation of $7.65 billion and a price per coin of $0.1741. 

Table of Contents


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