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Shanghai’s Milestone in Cross-Border e-CNY Gold Purchase

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Pioneering Cross-Border e-CNY Settlement for Gold

The financial world witnessed a significant milestone by completing the first-ever cross-border settlement using the digital yuan (e-CNY) for precious metals. On December 20, the Bank of China’s Shanghai branch successfully executed a 100 million yuan (approximately $14 million) e-CNY settlement for an overseas gold purchase. This transaction was facilitated through the Shanghai Financial Exchange International Board, marking a crucial step in utilizing the central bank digital currency (CBDC) in international trade.

Bank of China’s Role in Advancing e-CNY

The Bank of China Shanghai, a leading participant in the pilot testing of the digital yuan, has been instrumental in expanding the CBDC’s usage in international commerce. The bank’s recent involvement in importing iron ore to China using e-CNY and its collaboration with international partners like France’s BNP Paribas signifies its commitment to developing the digital yuan. These efforts align with China’s broader strategy to integrate the e-CNY into global trade and finance, as emphasized by President Xi Jinping at the July 2023 Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit.

Global Adoption and Digital Yuan App Update

China’s efforts to promote the e-CNY in cross-border transactions have garnered international attention and participation. Various foreign banks have joined China’s CBDC trials, and Singapore has opened its doors for Chinese tourists to use digital yuan during their visits. China recently signed a significant memorandum on CBDC cooperation with the United Arab Emirates worth $400 million. On December 19, the latest update for the official digital yuan app was released, introducing user-friendly features like wallet creation with a phone number, security measures for lost phones, and the integration of personal bank accounts for in-wallet digital yuan purchases.

e-CNY Spearheading Digital Currency Evolution

The successful cross-border e-CNY transaction for gold in Shanghai marks a pioneering achievement in digital currencies. This development showcases the practical applications of CBDCs in international trade and positions the e-CNY as a front-runner in the evolving landscape of global digital finance. With the Bank of China leading the charge and growing international collaboration, the digital yuan is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of digital currency usage and cross-border monetary transactions.

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