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Shiba Inu To Unleash Shibarium Public Beta This Week

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shiba Inu to unleash

Shiba Inu has revealed the debut of the public beta version of its Shibarium platform. The statement was made via Twitter, with the same stating that the beta website will be launched this week.

The platform intends to offer a Layer-2 solution that will benefit the SHIB community, including faster and cheaper transactions, higher scalability, and improved security. Before launching the public beta, the Shibarium team spent months building and testing the software.

The beta version of Shibarium should not be used for commercial transactions but only for testing reasons. Users have been cautioned by the team to exercise caution concerning scammers who may attempt to exploit the public beta launch.

The SHIB community is excited about the opening of the public beta, which they view as a key project milestone. The release of Shibarium is anticipated to promote SHIB adoption and solidify its status as a leading cryptocurrency.

Shibarium is designed to facilitate developers’ creation of rapid, inexpensive, and highly scalable applications. Also, it will produce a new ecosystem of custom tokens that can be exchanged for gas using Bone ShibaSwap (BONE).

The upcoming release caused a considerable price increase for BONE. The token was selling for $1.72 at press time, a 2.30% increase over the previous day.

Is Shiba Inu Poised for a Surge in Adoption?

Using the Shibarium protocol, tens of thousands of projects, such as Metaverse, NFTs, Welly Programme, etc., are being developed.

The Shiba Inu Metaverse is particularly exciting since it will provide a novel application for the SHIB token. Users owning virtual land plots will be allowed to rename them in exchange for Shiba Inu tokens, which will be destroyed to reduce the vast supply.

Inside the Shiba Inu ecosystem, the new network will enable the creation of specialized tokens by developers. It is also anticipated to boost transaction speeds and decrease gas fees substantially.

In a blog post last month, the lead developer of Shibarium, Shytoshi Kusama, stated that the platform’s expansion would enable the company to extend its reach to professional organizations, re-establish ties with previously connected businesses, and facilitate the identification of suitable validators.

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