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Spindl and AppsFlyer Collaborate to Enhance Blockchain Gaming Analytics

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Spindl, a Web3 attribution and analytics platform, has recently partnered with AppsFlyer, a Web2 mobile gaming analytics veteran, to enhance the marketing strategies for blockchain-based games. This partnership aims to integrate their data sets, offering developers a comprehensive view of user journeys across Web2 and Web3 events.

AppsFlyer, established in 2011, has provided attribution, identifying effective marketing techniques that lead to sales, specifically in the mobile gaming sector. The company has garnered $300 million in venture capital, reflecting its success and prominence in the industry.

Spindl, founded two years ago, was created to develop a Web3-native version of a platform similar to that of AppsFlyer but tailored for blockchain-based games. The challenge for Spindl arose from the fact that most “Web3 games” blend on-chain (blockchain) and off-chain elements, necessitating the integration of capabilities offered by AppsFlyer.

The collaboration between Spindl and AppsFlyer will involve merging their respective data sets. This integration will enable developers to trace user journeys encompassing Web2 events like clicks and app installs and Web3 events like NFT mints. This information was detailed in a blog shared with CoinDesk on Monday.

Web2, the current form of the internet, revolves around mobile apps and social media. In contrast, Web3 represents the next phase of the internet, emphasizing decentralization and built on blockchain technology.

Antonio García Martínez, the founder of Spindl, views this partnership as indicative of the convergence between Web2 and Web3 gaming sectors. He emphasizes the challenges in obtaining complete data in Web3 gaming, particularly regarding on-chain revenue and user actions. Martinez notes that the more a game relies on blockchain (on-chain), the more inaccurate basic metrics like lifetime value become. This collaboration aims to address these gaps, providing a more comprehensive analytics framework for blockchain gaming developers.

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