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Staff At Big Four Auditing Firm Deloitte Can Pay For Lunch Using Bitcoin

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Deloitte, one of the Big Four auditing firms is allowing employees to pay for their lunch in the canteen using Bitcoin (BTC).

The information was reported by the Luxembourg Times on September 17. This goal is to test Bitcoin among the staff of the company to see whether it is possible to implement Bitcoin-related solutions in other sectors of the firm.

Deloitte Staff Can Pay For Lunch With Bitcoin

As reported by the Luxembourg Times, Deloitte is running a test run that would allow staff to pay for lunch using the most popular digital asset. Nevertheless, the report explains the company is not planning to roll out Bitcoin payments to clients. 

Laurent Collet, a partner at the advisory arm of Deloitte, said that it is a good initiative to have employees try this new technology for payments at the canteen. However, they informed they have no plans to allow clients to pay using Bitcoin in the near future. 

Mr. Collet has also mentioned that the firm aims at using blockchain technology in some activities, such as fund management. The goal is to process transactions in a faster and simpler way. Thus, he differentiated this with using Bitcoin. Indeed, using distributed ledger technology (DLT) would help the firm improve its processes, make audits easier and more. 

About it, Collet said:

“This is where we focus our attention right now in linking this new technology with the needs of the Luxembourg industry.”

It is worth mentioning that PwC Luxembourg, one of the Big Four firms, will be accepting Bitcoin payments from clients next month. The firm considers that Bitcoin is the first P2P payment mechanism that cannot be compromised and is totally decentralized. 

Although there are just a few large companies dealing with Bitcoin, these two Big Four firms show that it is possible to start using the most popular crypto. 

PwC Luxembourg said that the firm knows about the challenges in the industry, this is why they have moved accordingly and have been carefully reviewing the internal policies and procedures to meet the necessary standards required. They are also working with a local regulated exchange that would provide the best payment experience. 

Bitcoin has been expanding around the world. According to a report released by Grayscale, there are more than 100,000 organizations worldwide already accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment. 

Table of Contents


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