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Telefuel: Making Telegram More Efficient And Organized For Power Users

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Telefuel Discord-style chat folders

Telefuel Introduction

Telefuel is a new platform that allows Telegram users to have an enhanced experience. Nowadays, Telegram is a very useful tool for developers, crypto enthusiasts and firms. However, it has a lack of features that would make of it a much more organized and efficient solution for power users.

This is why Telefuel developed a Slack-style business messaging application that has been entirely built for the Telegram network.

The solutions provided by Telefuel include features from Slack and also from Discord. These new features were then implemented in a user-friendly interface that would certainly be very useful for Telegram power users that need more features or a better organization while working.

Telegram became a very important tool for the cryptocurrency community that is constantly expanding. Despite that, Telegram is highly unorganized, which affects the way in which companies, businesses and individuals interact with it.

Businesses try to attract a larger number of clients, community managers handle a large number of users through different groups, and Telegram provides the necessary infrastructure for it.

Nevertheless, as mentioned before, users that need improved efficiency do not have the possibility to do so. This is why Telefuel wants to offer solutions to these individuals and make the whole Telegram experience much more organized.

Telefuel Features

There are very useful tools and features that would help users to have improved productivity while using Telegram.

Users will be able to create different folders and name them according to the tasks they are doing.

For example, if you are a crypto enthusiast and you want to have different chats and groups about your favourite cryptocurrency exchange, you can do so under the same folder. That would help you keep track of your groups and conversations related to this exchange.

Nowadays, this is something that is impossible to do through the traditional Telegram platform, that does not allow users to create these folders and move conversations and chats among them.

With this new solution provided by Telefuel, it is possible to drag and drop contacts between these folders in case it is needed. Thus, the solution is very straightforward and simple to use.

Telefuel does not only include Telegram’s features but it enhances them to offer the best possible services to users.

While other services such as Slack offer similar solutions, Telefuel is an open platform in which users can write to others even if they do not use Telefuel. That means that it is not necessary for others to use Telefuel to communicate with them, they can simply use their Telegram account.

In addition to it, Telefuel users will have the possibility to learn shortcuts and improve their Telegram usability. This would help them save precious seconds while managing different conversations and groups

Telefuel has also added features for those that like to work at night without harming their eyes. By using this platform, individuals will be able to use a dark mode that would make the whole experience much more comfortable during the night.

Telegram is used many times by freelancers that need to work in different time zones and having a feature that makes their work more pleasant is also a positive thing that Telegram is currently not offering.

Furthermore, Telefuel will include filters that are expected to help individuals handle conversations, messages and workgroups, among other things.

For example, it may be difficult to keep track of all the unread messages on Telegram. Sometimes it is necessary to scroll down hundreds of groups and conversations.

Telefuel solves this issue by adding filters that help users reach their unread mentions and messages. This is certainly a useful tool that improves Telegram and helps the most exigent users handle their messages.

In addition to it, it is possible to pin different Telegram conversations that are of importance for the user.

It is worth pointing out that Telefuel takes care of users’ privacy. The service will not store any data from users, including messages or chats. Moreover, Telefuel never sees or touches any conversation, chat, or messages users send to each other.

This is very important considering Facebook and other social media networks are constantly storing private information from users, which can eventually be leaked.

Besides that, the interface is very similar to Telegram with all the chats on the left and the main screen right next to it. That would make it easier for Telegram users to get used to the new interface and service.

At the moment, the services are only available for desktop and web users. In the future, the goal is to release native iOS and Android applications.

Telefuel Pricing

Telefuel is a free service that includes up to 3 workplaces and up to twelve chats per workspace. Everything else would be available only for premium users. At the same time, the unread message and mention filters would also be included only to the premium accounts.

By paying $10 each month, users will have unlimited workspaces to work with, and they would include unlimited chats. Furthermore, as mentioned before, these paid users will have the possibility to use filters for unread messages and mentions.

The team behind Teelfuel considers that these services are not charged to teams or workgroups, but instead they are paid by each user that wants to have access to these premium features.

This is similar to what other platforms such as Spotify or Dropbox do that they do not offer business accounts or services.

Telefuel Conclusion

Telegram offers good services and solutions to users all around the world. However, it is highly unorganized, which makes it not so efficient for more advanced and exigent users.

Telefuel solves all the organizational and efficiency issues that Telegram has and offers a much more competitive product for community managers, and individuals focused on business development and sales.

Telefuel meaningfully changes the way in which users have access to their Telegram accounts by making it faster, more efficient and streamlined.

The product and services are aimed at users that really need to improve their efficiency while using Telegram. With different workspaces and the previously mentioned features, Telefuel is the best option to enhance productivity and make it simpler to use Telegram.

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