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Top 3 Trends Bitcoin Investors Need To Focus On Right Now

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Bitcoin and dollars

Since the beginning of the cryptocurrency craze, Bitcoin has slated itself as the top crypto in the market. Everywhere you look for reference when it comes to e-money, BTC is always at the helm of conversations, trends and investment opportunities.

Given the level of importance that Bitcoin gathers on a daily basis, with it being used in more and more businesses and industries as days go by, even including platforms where bitcoin sports betting has become a popular trend, always having an upper hand to the know about of how to handle and manage said crypto has become crucial for investors big and small.

With the importance that Bitcoin continues to gather day in and day out, here are three crucial trends that investors who dabble in Bitcoin should focus on to make sound investments and maximize their trading skills and profits.

Not Letting Price Predictions Manage Decisions

Yes, checking out information such as price predictions for what an asset like Bitcoin can offer right now and further down the line is usually a very good piece of information to have, but at the same time investors have come to the realization that price predictions are not something that they need to keep an eye on to make rash, immediate decisions on the go. At the end of the day predictions are just that, guesses, that while based on information and statistics can also vary from one minute to the other, especially considering the volatility factor that cryptocurrencies, especially BTC offer investors.

There are predictions of Bitcoin hitting a price mark of $100,000 by the end of 2021 and even rising up to about $500,000 in a few years, but at the same time these predictions and forecasts are not set in stone by any means. It is very difficult to know for sure where BTC prices will be in any time period, be it short or long, and again, while keeping an eye on expert driven analysis can always come as a great assist, it shouldn’t be the driving force for investors to move on. Price predictions are as varied as they come, so being able to narrow down one that is 100% correct is a gigantic task that could very easily end up seeing investors run into an unwanted surprise at the end of that road.

Basically put, when dealing with cryptocurrencies, especially one as strong as bitcoin there is no sure, accurate way to predict the future, because unless analysts and investors can look into the future, no information will be 100% certain. The best move investors can make is to play at a level where they feel safest and most at comfort while understanding the reality of such a volatile market and asset.

Stronger Regulations Will Come Sooner Rather Than Later

Since the beginning of the whole crypto trading movement, investors have found options like Bitcoin to be a safe haven for tax free and a more relaxed way of doing business and investments but with the ever rising popularity of BTC and other cryptos, times for stronger, government ridden, financial regulations are on their way. But what does this mean exactly for Bitcoin investors, for example?

Well, for one, while dealing with Bitcoin has become a safe place where taxes are not charged, making it of course one of the, if not the most attractive monetary asset investment option in the market, with stronger government regulations investors can expect BTC gains to start being taxed. While this might come off like a brash move for investors, at the end of the day it is a move in the right direction to be able to keep a level of legality that is much needed to fight off money laundering activities as well as tax evasion and other business driven offenses.

Crypto managing companies since the beginning of their runs have made it a point to offer its customers high levels of security and privacy in their dealings to also make sure that they know exactly who they are dealing with and what their intentions are. This, alongside stronger government regulations will help establish a sort of presentation card for investors to make sure that their investments are well taken care of as well as always being kept in the realms of legality.

Demand Will Be The Top Price Driver

Just like with any other business venture, what makes an industry thrive is demand. If you have a product and you manage to make everyone want it and need it, then you know you are doing things right. With Bitcoin the story is practically the same. Large companies who publicly trade and hold large Bitcoin portfolios such as Tesla and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, both companies who have invested billions of dollars in BTC, have become the main drivers in how the demand for said crypto is and will continue to be managed down the line.

There are studies that say that most companies dealing with bitcoin in an institutional trading market show no real signs of stopping in their BTC investment plans with around 60% of them expecting to continue increasing their crypto holdings in the future. If this trend continues to happen, this will only continue to drive the price of Bitcoin up as the demand will continue to rise, some very good news for investors old and new.

Table of Contents


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