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Top GameFi Projects On Polygon 2023

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The Polygon GameFi universe is thriving, and Polygon has established itself as the home to gaming on the blockchain. Following a 450m investment, they have continued to develop, focusing on bringing NFTs and metaverse projects on Polygon online – keeping track of the current ventures on the chain is easily done by following the latest news from Polygon Studios.

To give you an idea of what’s out there, we have assembled 5 of the most exciting projects on Polygon that are still surviving and thriving during the bear market. 


Governance token: $IXT

A Play-to-Earn (P2E) unique project which grants a novel standpoint on GameFi NFT-based platforms. PlanetIX aims to highlight the importance of sustainability through a game modeled after earth. This is achieved by obtaining land and domains labeled as PIX (NFTs) and gaining access to the game’s currency, named IX Token (IXT). Planet IX holds 1.6 billion PIX, giving gamers ample opportunity to prosper and build their empire, which hasn’t gone unnoticed as seen through the fast pace that the game’s userbase has grown. PIX is divided into categories and rankings, depending on their location and quality, some more valued than others.


Governance token: $PGX

One of the most popular games on Polygon, Pegaxy, is a horse racing simulator where players race against one another. 12 horses run per competition, with the highest 3 earning $VIS as the in-game reward. There are monthly qualifiers and a massive yearly event, The Big Sprint title. A pool of 660 players makes it to the finals, with the winner getting a lot of the native $PGX token. Pegaxy also offers other interactive components like staking and voting. With plans for farming and arena, players have a range of opportunities to produce income today and in the future.


Governance token: $GHST

Do you recall Tamagotchis of the 90s? Get the nostalgia with a Web3 revamp. An income-producing NFT + endearing virtual pet as part of a playable NFT game on Polygon. Every Aavegotchi is one-of-a-kind, flaunting various attributes. Play games, nurture, and even gather new outfits for your extraordinary being. With Gotchiverse just around the corner (Aavegotchi’s very own metaverse), players will soon have a variety of ways to acquire passive revenue. Four in-game currencies are expected in the Gotchiverse, $FOMO, $FUD, $ALPHA, and $KEK.

The Sandbox

Currency: $SAND

The Sandbox metaverse gives players and inventors an expansive and intelligent platform to construct captivating 3D kingdoms and interactive games. It has become the destination of one of the most substantial projects in the GameFi space, with investors including Atari, Binance, Rollercoster Tycoon, and more who have procured virtual real-estate. The Sandbox offers much more than gameplay, offering tools for artists to create a big market where consumers can protectively hold, trade, and generate income from their inventions. All territories inside The Sandbox metaverse have already been fully minted; thereby, they can only be procured through purchase from the market or peripheral exchanges such as OpenSea.


Utility token: $GMEE

Arc8 is not merely a single game but a collection of more than ten mini-games. From puzzles to action games, gamers have various options to play and make money on the Polygon network. Every day there are tournaments for participants to play in PVP-style gaming. A mixture between free-to-play and pay-to-play, with rewards issued in $GMEE. Gains differ depending on the modes you select. Fee-based games offer larger earning opportunities to players.

Table of Contents


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