Top NFT Ideas That Could Take Off in 2023


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Jonathan Gibson


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NFT Ideas

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Over the last few years, we have heard about different buzzwords in the crypto space. NFT ideas became very popular and non-fungible tokens were adopted not only by retail investors but also by large companies. But which are some of the top NFT ideas that you could think of?

In this post, we are going to get into the details of NFTs, how different NFT ideas could bring you unique possibilities to boost your presence online and how these non-fungible tokens are changing the way in which we use distributed ledger technology.

What are NFTs?

NFTs became very popular in recent years. We have seen the expansion of these so-called non-fungible tokens that reached a large portion of the crypto market. NFTs are unique blockchain representations of virtual or physical things. They are different from traditional blockchain tokens such as ERC-20 digital assets.

A popular NFT

NFTs are unique in the way that they cannot be copied or multiplied. Each NFT asset is unique and exists on the blockchain. If you are used to how virtual currencies work, you know that it is exactly the same to hold 1 BTC that you bought from an exchange or use 1 BTC that a friend of yours sold to you. 1 BTC is equal and will always be equal to 1 BTC. That means that Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are fungible.

When you receive a $1 dollar banknote you don’t care if it was printed 5 years ago, or last week. It has the same value as any other $1 dollar bill. But this does not happen in the NFT marketplace.

NFTs work in a totally different way. The NFT world involves creators minting new NFT tokens that are unique and that are then sold to the market.

The best NFT ideas would let these creators sell their NFTs for a different price and attract the attention of a large number of investors and collectors.

What’s Special About NFTs?

NFTs are special because, as we mentioned before, are unique. Each NFT can be created with its own traits and could be much more valuable than others simply because some rare traits are applied to it.

There are different use cases for NFTs, but one of the most popular topics is NFT art. Art in the form of NFTs could be considered one of the first representations of digital art. Especially with the expansion of art collections such as Apes and Cryptopunks.

With a large community of investors located all over the world, we have seen great interest in NFTs and different art collections. Very popular celebrities including Snoop Dogg and Lindsay Lohan have also created their own NFT collections.

Indeed, to get into more detail, brands in the fashion industry have also created unique products such as the “Cyber Eau de Parfum” the world’s first digital fragrance. This is just one of the many examples of how the NFT industry has expanded all over the world in recent years.

Best NFT Ideas 2022

There is a large number of NFT ideas that you could follow in 2022. These ideas can also be useful in the future, as they do not get old with time. You can find your own way to start an NFT business and use the opportunities shared by the market.

There are different possibilities, from starting your own NFT online project to creating virtual words or becoming a digital artist. There are endless opportunities for everyone in this market niche and you should be free to decide which of these ideas fits better to you.

Create NFT Art Ideas

Creating NFT art could be one of the best ways to start a new career in the non-fungible token market. This involves building your own NFT art collection, creating unique content that you sell online, and expanding your creativity by learning new artistic techniques with online tools.

NFT artists are now very popular. Indeed, if they are able to create an art collection that attracts the interest of thousands of individuals, they might be even able to sell NFTs for very high prices. Therefore, NFT art could be a great idea for you to start developing and focusing on.

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Feel free to test and try new ideas. There are no rules on what you can create and sell to investors who value digital art. It is up to you to test the market and understand what are the preferences of buyers in NFT marketplaces.

One of the things you can do is analyse OpenSea and check what other artists are selling. Otherwise, you can always create your own website and display your art there.

Become an NFT Expert

Becoming an NFT expert could be one of the best ways to think about possible NFT projects and how they could have an impact on the market. You are going to understand how the market works, and the technical aspects behind it, and combine this knowledge with other sectors that you already know.

The NFT space is full of opportunities that require entrepreneurs to understand how the market behaves. This involves understanding very well how NFTs work and which are the things that investors search for when they purchase different types of NFTs in the market.

For example, as an NFT artist in the section above, you would be able to understand which are investors’ requirements and create unique NFT pieces that could be sold for very high prices in the open market.

The NFT community will be more than ready to buy your art pieces if you become an NFT expert and focus on what the community wants and needs.

To become an NFT expert you will have to read a lot about the technical aspects of non fungible tokens, virtual reality and artificially intelligent NFTs, among other things.

Become an NFT Trader

Another thing that you can do is become an NFT trader. NFT cryptocurrency traders would feel very comfortable speculating about the price of non fungible tokens in different marketplaces.

This is due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are volatile by nature and NFTs are simply an evolution of digital currencies.

NFTs and their unique nature could make them special and unique, something that some virtual currencies cannot offer to investors. Hence, combining your cryptocurrency trading experience with NFTs could be one of the best NFT business ideas that you could have this year.

But of course, trading NFTs is not risk-free. Indeed, there is a large possibility for you to lose part of your funds and go out of business if you do not properly trade these tokens in the market.

Understanding their specifications and the risks involved with crypto and NFT trading is very important.

You should never invest more than what you are able to lose. As NFTs might not be as liquid as cryptocurrencies, you should also make better decisions with less information. There is no technical analysis that could let you have a clear idea of when to enter or leave a specific NFT.

Build an NFT Digital Art Collection

The NFT space lets you build a great NFT collection of art pieces that you could sell to users from all over the world.

This is something that would give you the possibility to get a first contact with the market and understand which are the possibilities offered by the crypto industry, in this case, through a clear NFT business.

Building an art collection is not an easy thing to do. Indeed, the first thing that you should take into consideration is that you must have a topic on which your art collection would be based.

You can create different art collections and, based on your experience, try new marketing strategies to sell your NFTs.

Take into account that this is not a straightforward thing. You will be required to understand the market, how an NFT marketplace works and the commissions that you have to pay every single time that you sell an NFT piece.

If this is your first NFT experience, then you should make sure you have the necessary knowledge to start this business.

Create an NFT Broker website

The NFT industry requires people and entrepreneurs that create and manage different solutions and platforms for NFT lovers.

Therefore, one of the ways that you can start your own NFT business is by creating an NFT broker website.

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This would generate income based on commissions that you will take from investors that buy and sell NFTs using your platform.

This is similar to how a cryptocurrency trading platform works. But you should know that managing these types of platforms might not be so easy.

Additionally, there is strong competition in the industry, which makes it even more difficult for you to be successful in it.

This is a great idea for you to build your own NFTs and projects. Depending on how good your platform is, you can then sell it or keep the revenue that you generate with it.

It might be difficult and complicated in the beginning, but it has a large potential if handled in the right way, especially if you think about the next bull run.

Sell virtual furniture for the digital worlds

Another business idea in the NFT market could be selling virtual furniture in a virtual world. The NFT movement has focused many years on creating tokens that could only exist on the blockchain and that would be useful in different digital worlds.

We have heard many times about the Metaverse and how objects created on top of blockchain technology could be used in these worlds.

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Therefore, selling this type of furniture as NFTs could be a great way to earn a living.

This does not mean that it is an easy thing to do. You can create your own virtual world and expand it (which requires investment, knowledge and patience), or you leverage other platforms and start building your presence there.

Digital furniture is a great option for investors that search for new investment ideas and how to leverage NFTs online.

The results could be impressive if this is done with a professional team.

Learn more about Bored Ape Yacht Club

One of the most popular trends in the NFT sector is linked to the so-called Bored Ape Yacht Club. This is a collection of NFTs that rely on Ethereum’s blockchain and that became popular due to the apes that they have sold online.

An interesting thing that could give you the necessary tools to get unique ideas to generate an income in the NFT market is learning more about these apes.

As you might already know, each of these Apes (each of them represented as a one of a kind ape) is generated through different traits.

Some of these apes would be quite difficult to mint. This is why understanding which is the rarest traits and how they create new Apes is a very good skill to have.

This would help you recognize some of the most valuable NFTs of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection and get access to some of these apes before other investors.

This knowledge can also be applied to other NFTs in the crypto world.

Build Smart Contracts that interact with NFTs

You should also know that NFTs could also interact with smart contracts. This would give you a wide range of possibilities to create solutions linked to cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the digital world.

Learning how to work with contracts is something that would definitely let you get early access to NFTs and tools that could be great to make money online.

Several crypto-related companies are now searching for programmers that know how to handle blockchain contracts and that would be able to bring new and fresh NFT business ideas.

If you already know programming languages, learning how to use blockchain technology could be a very profitable thing to do.

Online communities are currently reliant on what developers can create with the different options that are currently being promoted by distributed ledger technology.

The decentralized finance market, for example, is one of the sectors that expanded the most during the last bull run. The same can happen in the future with NFTs.

Run a nonprofit organization linked to NFTs

This might not be the best way to make money online with NFTs, but it could be a great option for you to start promoting NFTs and help you expand other digital asset ventures that you could have started.

These types of organizations are a great way for people to promote certain things in specific markets.

The NFT sector could be largely benefited if people would better understand how it works and how these NFT series are changing the way in which we interact with blockchain technology.

Business opportunities will likely arise from this idea and you will definitely have the possibility to expand new businesses, solve problems that the community is experiencing or create new market niches.

There are many things that you can do by running a nonprofit organization that is linked to NFTs and the crypto market as a whole. It is up to you to learn which are the sectors that need these organizations the most.

Build your own DeFi Project

Your first NFT project can also be related to decentralized finance (DeFi).

This industry has also been expanding in the last few years thanks to the need from users to get access to reliable sources of income that are not related to traditional financial companies and institutions.

There could be many things related to a DeFi project linked to NFTs. As an entrepreneur, you should find which are the needs of the market and try to offer a solution that involves both NFTs and decentralized finance solutions.

In some cases, DeFi projects tend to launch their own NFTs. These could help your project hit millions of dollars in valuation. But it is always important to make sure that you understand the risks and know how to deal with the community.

It might not be a straightforward way to start with a DeFi project and promote NFT sales, but it could be a great way to learn about the market and how you can offer better solutions to investors from all over the world.

Give Conferences About NFTs and Digital Currencies

Another way to start your NFT business is by talking about NFTs and digital currencies. There are a large number of conferences that take place all around the world and you could join and get paid for it.

You should properly understand how virtual currencies work and how NFTs could change the whole industry from inside it.

You could make a list of the upcoming conferences and talk about it with those that organize the conferences.

cryptocurrencies that failed

They will definitely give you a chance to speak about NFTs, especially because they need to promote as many guests as possible.

Another thing that is worth taking into consideration is that talking at an NFT conference could be a great way to promote other businesses that you have.

This is especially true if you have a book and you want to increase sales, or if you have a business that relates to NFTs and you want to reach a larger audience in the future.

Remember that you will have to learn very well how the industry works and how NFTs could have a positive impact on society.

Focus on NFTs for the Music Industry

Another thing you can do if you want to build your own project is to focus on NFTs for the music industry.

This is something that a large number of investors have been doing over the last years and that could take off this year as well.

You can create digital collectible solutions linked to the music industry. For example, as an artist, you can sell NFTs of your songs or you can also create NFTs of your albums.

You can also experiment with albums that people could purchase as collectables (you will also create a unique NFT for that album).

Those users that purchase your album would also receive a unique NFT that would be stored on the blockchain (you can choose the most convenient and reliable blockchain network to release your NFT).

Additionally, your songs can also be created as NFTs and stored on the blockchain forever. This would be considered an NFT album.

These are some of the many possibilities that the market is offering you when it comes to music and NFTs.

As you know the industry much better than us, you can search for new solutions that could attract new users and help you improve your career as a musician.

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube has been a very useful platform for crypto lovers to teach about digital currencies and talk about this market. It can also be a good way for you to talk about NFTs in a dedicated channel.

There are YouTube channels for everything, especially in the crypto industry. It might not be difficult to become one of the best in the NFT industry if you start creating unique videos about this crypto sector.

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You can reach 1k followers very fast and start promoting news about the NFT world and how it continues to evolve.

If you get monetized, all the funds that you get can be reinvested and used to expand your presence in YouTube and other social media networks.

Additionally, you can use this money to invest in NFTs and learn more about the industry.

Become a TikTok NFT Star

The internet culture is changing. TikTok is nowadays one of the most popular social media networks and it continues to grow as we speak.

Hence, starting an NFT career on TikTok could be one of the best things to do.

You will share funny videos talking about NFTs and how they can be purchased, sold and why they are so special. Additionally, you can teach your followers how NFTs work and why they should start to pay attention to them if they are already involved in the crypto industry.

The positive thing about TikTok is that it is a very young platform, meaning that you can get access to a large number of users and become a reference when it comes to NFTs on TikTok.

Remember to also use other social media networks to expand your influence.

Expand your NFT Market knowledge to digital currencies

If you already know everything about NFTs, then you can expand your knowledge to other industries, including learning more about digital currencies as a whole.

You know that Bitcoin and digital currencies were the predecessors of the current NFT industry, therefore, knowing more about digital currencies could be a great way to better understand NFTs.

This knowledge that you get can then be used to generate new sources of income linked to virtual currencies and NFTs. The possibilities are endless.

We can see it in the crypto market and the large number of projects that have been created in the past few years.

Many of them have created new solutions and allowed users to get access to a large number of new services they were not even able to imagine just some years ago.

Learn More About Tokenized Economies

Remember, NFT stands for non-fungible tokens. Therefore, we are talking about a unique representation of a physical or virtual object on the internet for which there is no copy. Tokenized economies are highly related to NFTs and could have a large impact on the economy in the future.

Understanding and knowing more about tokenized economies could be a great way for you as an investor to create new solutions and offer them to companies that are interested in tokenization. Tokenized economies are expected to grow in the coming years.

Hence, becoming an expert in this market would definitely give you the chance to start a good NFT business that could last many years. Searching for these types of niches and developing new skills is a great way to become a leader in the industry.

Write an NFT Book

We already know that digital creators can build their own NFT series. But can they write their own books? You can start writing a book about NFTs and all the things that you know about this crypto sector.

It will be very valuable for you to know how the industry works and how you can share your knowledge about NFTs with the community by writing a book.

The book would not be able to generate a new source of income to you, but you will also get the chance to promote NFTs and even create an NFT of your own book. People that like collecting NFTs would definitely be attracted to owning the NFT you create.

If you are already a known person in the industry, then you have a larger chance of expanding your presence this year if you write an NFT book.

Do NFT Market Arbitrage

Markets are not necessarily equal everywhere around the world. What happens is that a cryptocurrency can be sold in one market for a higher price than in another exchange. That means that there is an opportunity for an investor to buy this cryptocurrency in the cheaper exchange and sell it for a profit in the market where the price is higher. This is called arbitrage and helps make markets more efficient.

You can do the same when it comes to NFTs. If you believe that an NFT that is being sold for a specific price on an online marketplace can be sold for a higher price on another platform, you should buy it and sell it at a different price later.

However, it would be very important that you know that there are costs involved in the transactions that you execute when buying and selling the NFT on another platform.

Share NFT Marketplace Ideas with Artists and Get a Commission

If you believe that you are running out of ideas to start your own business, then you can always share your ideas to create NFTs with artists and get a commission for your job.

You can conduct market research and analyze which are the latest trends in the crypto industry. This will definitely help you start a cryptocurrency business that would give you not only satisfaction but also the possibility to earn good commissions on large sales.

Start creating a network of artists that would be interested in receiving your feedback and information about the market. If the information you share helps them increase their sales, then you could get rewarded very well for your job.

Play NFT Games and Build P2E Characters

If Paris Hilton is involved in NFTs, you can also play games and earn rewards. If you have heard about virtual homes and how video games are allowing users to earn a living, then you should definitely try NFT games.

There is a relatively new game category in the blockchain space that is called Play-to-Earn, where players earn tokens that can then be sold to the market and for which users can receive USDT. These games rely on NFTs when it comes to items, characters and more. You can build a unique character and sell it later as an NFT.

You would not only allow other users to get access to a game at an advanced stage, but you will get compensated for it. If you are good at it, then you can only create NFT characters and sell them to the market.

Invest in NFTs

Investing in NFTs is something that you can do at any moment. Search for those NFTs that you believe could grow up in price in the future and build a portfolio.

This could be a good thing to do. However, you should know that the crypto market could continue falling in the future. If that happens, then you might not be able to recover your investment.

Instead, if the market behaves properly, you could get a nice return on your investment.

Use NFTs as Collateral and Invest the Funds Received

Using NFTs as collateral could be a good way to receive funds and invest them on other platforms without the need to sell your NFTs. Indeed, the NFT could increase in price and you could also be, at the same time, investing the funds received for yoru NFT.

Therefore, the possibilities offered by the DeFi market right now are unique. Use it as long as you consider that there are chances of generating an income.

Remember that the market could change direction at any moment and your investments might also be at risk.

Become an Artist

Becoming an artist could be a great way to be engaged with the NFT community.

This is a great option for you to create unique pieces of art and sell them as NFTs using different marketplaces. It is up to you to decide which type of art you create.

Create an NFT Newsletter

You can create an NFT newsletter for investors. This could help traders find hidden NFTs, investment opportunities and more.

The newsletter should cover different topics about the market and how these tokens are helping the market become more efficient and reliable.

Problems with NFTs

Despite claiming that NFTs are one of a kind tokens, there could be malicious parties that copy an NFT and sell it to others making them believe that this is the original NFT. Therefore, NFT counterfeiting is a real problem that is constraining this industry.

The Future of the NFT Space

NFTs have reached a large number of investors from all over the world. With all these new investment opportunities, a larger user base could get access to AI NFT, Gourmet NFTs, Coca Cola NFTs, and many other NFT avatar series.