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Trade-mate.io Handy Platform For Crypto-trading From Skolkovo Developers

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The current 2018 has been marked red in the crypto-currency market; a lot of fans of easy money have left their Binance and Exmo exchanges as quickly as they registered there; having bought BTC for $20k, 3 months later they sold their coins for minus X2-X3.

ASICs and farms are very noisy, being bought for incredible money, it is unlikely to get it back this year, difficulty increases.

Well, who of those remaining in the market has suffered less of the sharp fall in prices and even managed to earn having correctly entered the short position? You are right, traders have. These guys have a rather simple logic: if something moves up and down, and this “something” is visible in the Tradingview graph, then you can earn having a certain amount of knowledge.

The daily turnover of the crypto-currency market is of 10-12 billion US dollars, and a good half of this turnover is made not at the exchanges (because of their limited functionality and the absence of elementary use intuitivism), but with the help of trade bots and other trade automation systems, which can be found in tenths only in the Russian market.

One of these platforms is trade-mate.io which has been developed by the programmers from Skolkovo Innovation Center for the last 7 months. This platform is intended both for daily traders and for trade newcomers.

Experienced wildcatters are provided with a number of Smart Trade functions, such as:

– Simultaneous display of up to 5 Take Profit and Stop Loss right on the graph;

– Trailing mechanisms (if your task reached the required price level, but continues to grow, the service does not sell the coin, providing maximum profit for the user);

–  Purchase price averaging function, speeding up the transaction break even;

–  Dashboard, which can be adjusted by the user according to his ease;

– Detailed statistics for all transactions with the in points and sales.

It is also useful to take advantage of the Tradingview graph on the platform with the function of setting storage for a user.

The Auto Trade function was developed for newcomers and those who like to get hints from experienced traders, as the trade-mate.io service client subscribes for the desired channel with the signals from professional traders, and follows his transactions automatically.

Let’s discuss this scenario in lay terms: you have connected a crypto-currency portfolio to the platform the estimated value of which is $100, choose 2 channels with the signals of best statistics and indicate in the settings that for each channel you give 50% of the deposit, and that for each signal you give 10% of the resulting limit, thus for every received signal you will invest about $5.

It sounds quite simple, and according to the statistics, it is profitable as well. To add to all this, the trade-mate.io team takes the service pay only from profitable transactions.

“In the nearest future the trade-mate.io service plans to give the possibility to any successful trader to post forecasts in his personal account, and thus monetize the signals,” – said Filipp Antonov, the Technical Director of the Company.

According to our publishing, the project idea is very topical, and it has all chances to succeed with such a serious team. You can ask questions and chat with the developers here: https://t.me/Trade_mate (eng), https://t.me/TradeMate_chat (rus)

Have a successful trade and don’t always HODL 😉

John Asher

John Asher

I am a crypto-enthusiast that likes to write about the blockchain industry. Mostly, I'm interested in the gaming industry and how it will revolutionize in-game asset ownership.

Table of Contents


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