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What’s CoinField XRP Project All About?

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The cryptocurrency exchange CoinField is currently working on a new XRP-based project that is expected to be “game-changer.” The information was released by Bob Ras, the CEO of CoinField. XRP has been lagging behind in terms of price performance.  

What’s CoinField’s Planning?

In a Twitter post, Bob Ras explained that they have a great team of advisors in their upcoming XRPL project. This makes reference to the XRP Ledger that powers the XRP digital asset. As Ras mentioned, they have well-known figures in the crypto ecosystem working on the current project. 

He has also announced they will reveal the names of those working on this project very soon. As he suggested, this is also going to be a “game-changer” project for the crypto industry. One of the things he has also written on this tweet is “Ƨ + XRPL = ?”. 

The only idea we can have about it is an image uploaded on September 5:

Some users suggested that the exchange could be working on a cryptocurrency built on the XRP Ledger. Another suggestion was a CAD stablecoin on top of the XRPL. Nonetheless, Bob Ras said that the project is even “bigger than that.”

In addition to it, CoinField released a Tweet in which they ask the community which are the best use cases they have for the XRPL and the Ƨ + XRPL project. 

The last thing to mention about the new project CoinField is working on is that this will not be just a simple integration of the XRPL. Indeed, Bob Ras said they have never wanted to be just another cryptocurrency exchange. 

About it, he said:

“Indeed our goal from the day first was to create a new financial ecosystem that people can easily trade different assets & spend them in real-time. We’re getting there. Blockchain is changing our world.”

CoinField has been working over the last years in order to create one of the largest exchanges for XRP users. Indeed, the trading platform uses XRP as a base pair for many other digital assets. There are several fiat currencies and digital assets paired with the third-largest crypto in the market. 

According to data provided by CoinMarketCap, in the last 24 hours, CoinField registered a trading volume of almost $5.6 million. This makes the exchange the 109th largest in the market. The main trading pairs at the exchange include BTC/USD, XRP/USD and BTC/CAD. 

Table of Contents


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