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Why are Cryptocurrencies a Positive Change?

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Cryptocurrencies have taken over the world in the last 10 years. They came out storming in the 2010s and people started investing a lot of money into them. Soon, they became the means of payment by millions of people around the world. They started using them for online purchases, hiding the true value of personal assets, and they even made the possibility of taking loans using Bitcoin. Now, people are able to apply for Bitcoin loans and keep the option to apply for cash loan as well. In short, a lot of good things came out of the cryptocurrencies.

Since everybody is talking about the impact that the cryptocurrencies had on the world, some people agree with the idea of using them, but logically, there are people against that idea. We wanted to explain how cryptocurrencies can make a positive change to the world, so here are our best arguments.


Every transaction done with cryptocurrencies is non-traceable. How? Blockchains are always masking the real identity of the traders. They made this possible to make sure that all transactions are safe and away from harm’s way. Privacy is a really important thing these days because we’ve seen proof of how governments are keeping tabs on every person, destroying every private detail that the individual may have.

Excludes Fees

By using cryptocurrencies, you are bypassing the banks which means that you exclude the possibility of attaching fees to yourself. This is the sole reason why numerous banks around the world have banned the usage of cryptocurrencies, although it is legal in their countries. Fees are one of the biggest profit makers for the banks, and if you exclude them, the bank will not be able to make money out of its customers.


Cryptocurrencies are not physically available. They are not cash that you can just carry with you to the grocery store. Every trade made with cryptocurrencies is online so the possibility to create forfeits is literally zero. This is a big plus because we had numerous cases throughout the history where people and businesses have been scammed by the millions just because some thieves managed to use counterfeit money.


Have you ever been in a situation where you are holding a big line just because you bought a certain product and you are just counting the money? Cryptocurrencies save a lot of time when you look at fast payments. Yes, you can use credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and NFC-supported payment methods, but the big plus here, as we mentioned earlier is that when using cryptocurrencies all of your data is anonymous. Nobody has access to it. So, by progressing our story from the first argument, not only that your data and identity is concealed, every transaction is as fast as it can be. Judging by today’s way of living, time is something that nobody can afford to lose and cryptocurrencies are helping you with time management in the best possible way. And


Table of Contents


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