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Xcapit’s Investment Wallet Integrates RIF Token

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Xcapit, the company behind one of the most popular investment wallets running on the RSK network, is now integrating the RIF token. This shows the entire Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem continues growing and expanding despite the recent FUD related to Bitcoin miners in China. 

The new RIF token integration to Xcapit’s investment wallet would make it easy for RIF holders to earn a yield on their RIF tokens. The positive thing about this integration is related to the fact that the wallet is non-custodial and has been built based on the Bitcoin standard. 

RIF Token Arrives at Xcapit’s Investment Wallet

With the RIF token and Xcapit’s investment wallet, users will have the possibility to create automatic investment strategies. Everything can be done by integrating a Binance account with Xcapit in just a few seconds. Moreover, with the Kripton API, users will also have the possibility to convert fiat to RIF and vice-versa. 

This is clearly a step forward for the decentralized finance (DeFi) market based on Bitcoin. While the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem is known for its solutions, Bitcoin continues to expand with the RSK network and companies working with the RIF token. Moreover, this shows how important Layer 2 protocols are for the expansion of Bitcoin and the whole network. 

Jose Ignacio Trajtenberg, the CEO of Xcapit, explained that when they designed Xcapit, they did so thinking that their financial model could also be used with other assets. At the same time, he explained that they believe that the RSK network will accelerate the adoption of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on the Bitcoin network. 

The CEO of IOV Labs, Diego Gutierrez, commented about the recent integration:

“We are excited to have Xcapit integrated with RIF which will provide new opportunities to RIF token holders. It’s thrilling to experience how quickly the DeFi ecosystem has been growing, launching more products and achieving broader adoption.” 

Xcapit has expanded as a blockchain investment wallet driven by AI systems that aims at promoting financial education through savings, financial solutions, investing and more. Everything is done and performed in a transparent and clear way. One of the most positive things about it is related to the fact that users do not need a bank account or a minimum capital to start. 

Meanwhile, RSK and its blockchain network have expanded as the most secure smart contract platform in the world. The network has high scalability, instant payments and it enables smart contracts to the Bitcoin ecosystem. 

Moreover, the RSK infrastructure Framework (RIF) has been working as a decentralized infrastructure protocol that makes it possible for decentralized applications (dApps) to operate within a unified environment to handle Bitcoin and other solutions. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents