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123Swap started using Polygon

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123Swap and Polygon

123Swap, worldwide corporate information and technology organization, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Polygon on scalability and business technologies for the Ethereum network. Polygon Nightfall, a public, privacy-focused Rollup, will be developed as a result of this cooperation between 123Swap and Polygon. 123Swap will also provide its other flagship blockchain solutions on Polygon and collaborate on the development of future Polygon-based blockchain systems for the corporate application.

Why 123Swap prefer to start using Polygon?

As the use of blockchain technology grows, trading volumes and expenses on the renowned public Ethereum blockchain continue to climb. By incorporating Polygon’s scalability capabilities, the 123Swap system will support bigger trading volumes with known prices and resolution times, while also allowing end-users to shift trades and commodities to Ethereum. A collaborative roadmap will emphasize the development of Ethereum-based scalability technologies and corporation functionalities centered on security breakthroughs. Because of its ability to enable enhanced use cases and regulatory requirements, ZK-based technology will receive special attention.

In fact, as part of the Polygon ecosystem, 123Swap begins collaborating with Polygon to establish corporate confidentiality chains. It also offers the security and comfort of a closed-loop while keeping mobility with the ethereum Blockchain system, allowing for speedier future transfers to open networks

123Swap will keep investing and work to expand its team and portfolio of products, with the objective of becoming the top team in the ZK scalability industry and enrolling the very first million Ethereum customers.

About 123Swap

123Swap is a mentoring cryptocurrency asset exchange platform. 123swap harnesses collective intelligence to build a community-governed, accessible, and decentralized web 3.0 environment. It is based on Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Polychain, Ethereum, and other networks to allow for the exchange of any blockchain coin. Using a blockchain network, the 123swap network will optimize and accelerate the swap operations. Using its payment systems, the platform will encourage decentralized money management. Primary benefits include a simple and user-friendly layout, an unchanging rate throughout payments, no extra costs, a wide range of commodities, privacy, and a cross-chain ecosystem. 123Swap brings smart and autonomous finance management into one location. 123swap has developed technology that will allow it to outperform the market, grow quicker, becoming the world’s finest swapping network.

About Polygon

Polygon is a framework and platform for creating and linking Ethereum-compatible blockchain platforms. Polygon gathering sustainable Ethereum solutions to support a multi-chain Ethereum environment. Polygon addresses Blockchain-related issues such as expensive gas prices and poor performance without losing security. This multi-chain method is similar to others like Polkadot, Cosmos, and Avalanche, but with at least three different advantages: It can take full use of Ethereum’s network externalities. It is safer by definition and has a more wide and forceful feel about it. Polygon features an expanding range of features for creating customized systems as well as a compatibility standard for swapping random communications with Ethereum and other blockchain platforms.

123Swap would like to applaud the entire Polygon and Ethereum communities for their assistance so far, though, and we urge you to stick with us as we move ahead; this trip is about to get much more exciting.

Website — https://123swap.finance/

Twitter — https://twitter.com/123swapfinance

Telegram — https://t.me/my123swap_chat

Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/123swap/

Table of Contents


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