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6 Projects To Bring NEO Price Back To $100

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Formerly known as “AntShares,” and currently referred to as the “Chinese Ethereum” or the “Ethereum Killer,” NEO is an exciting China-based cryptocurrency project that aims to take the crown from Ethereum’s head.

To be more precise, it is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that also has the capability of running dApps and smart contracts, some of the main features that make Ethereum so special as a platform.

Ever since it was launched in 2016, NEO price has been constantly turning heads and making headlines. Some of its most notable features include a very flexible development environment, a delegated byzantine fault tolerance algorithm, swift transaction speeds, support for ICOs, and “invulnerability” from quantum computers.

NEO has already proven its worth thanks to its great number of achievements and, even more importantly, it showed the world that, just like Ethereum, it is viable and relevant for the future. That said, if you want to support or invest in Ethereum’s biggest competitor, you might be interested in 6 of the most promising projects that have been developed on the NEO platform.


Ontology is probably the NEO project with the most hype around it as it displays incredible potential for future development. Ontology is a distributed ledger network (or blockchain-based network) that combines distributed identify verifications, data exchange, data collaboration, and various other protocols and modules in order to achieve a “trust ecosystem.”

This trust-based ecosystem is specifically designed to allow partners to enhance their focus on and develop their own business operations. Ever since it was launched, Ontology has gained immense recognition. After Ontology completed its airdrop in March 2018 and successfully distributed 20 million tokens, the price for its official token has skyrocketed.

According to its roadmap, Ontology has impressive plans for the future and, considering what a strong team the project has assembled, as well as the support from all the NEO community and all its partners, there’s a good chance that the project will make them a reality.

From an investor’s point of view, it’s also worth knowing that Ontology is directly connected to NEO, as they have the same founder, the tech company Onchain. Jun Ji, one of Onchain’s co-founders is also one of the founders of Ontology.

Considering everything that’s been said, Ontology is definitely worth keeping an eye out for in the future. You can also follow ONT Price in the coming months.

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Source: https://ont.io/


DeepBrain is yet another NEO project worth looking into for future investments. DeepBrain is the world’s first blockchain-powered AI computing platform. The project aims to provide AI products and a low-cost, flexible, and secure platform to run them on.

Because AI computing requires a lot of resources, DeepBrain markets itself as a solution that can heavily reduce all the involved costs. It does so thanks to its decentralized neural network where all the computational costs and resources are shared by the nodes on the network. All involved parties that provide the computing power will be rewarded using the platform’s native DBC token. Data and computing resources can be bought and sold on the marketplace securely and effortlessly.


Source: https://www.deepbrainchain.org/ailanding.html


The NEO Exchange, Nex, is another NEO project that is surrounded by a lot of hype, and for a good reason. The project aims to provide its users with something almost unheard of – the perfect combination between a centralized and a decentralized exchange. In short, it offers the speed and accessibility of centralized exchanges with the security and transparency that only the decentralized ones can offer.

To do this, the platform uses an off-chain matching engine that allows orders to be signed and sent from various user addresses, matched and then signed off-chain, and later committed back to the accounts via the blockchain.

What is most impressive about the project is the big names behind it. NEX has a very strong and capable team working on its development. Some of the most representative members are Fabio Canesi, the founder of The City of Zion (CoZ), Ethan Fast, another co-founder of CoZ, and Fabian Wahle, also co-founder of CoZ.

As NEO continues its ascension, it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for NEX, as the exchange has all the right tools to make the NEO platform even stronger than it already is.

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Source: https://neonexchange.org


Qlink is a very interesting NEO project as it aims to be the world’s first decentralized mobile network. In short, the platform provides its users with an efficient way of “renting” out unused bandwidth to other network participants that require it. In exchange for their service, the users who sell the extra bandwidth are rewarded with QLC tokens.

The platform offers its users three main services as follows: Wi-Fi sharing, mobile data access and content distribution, and an enterprise-oriented SMS service. All these services are accessible through Qlink’s official mobile and desktop apps.

Qlink solves most of the challenges of traditional centralized telecom systems including inaccurate content distribution and billing, security concerns, and high usage fees.


The Zeepin project marks yet one more world-first for the NEO platform. This is the first time the world has ever seen a decentralized platform that aims to protect creative works via blockchain. With the help of Zeepin, artists, writers, and designers of all kind will be able to protect their work at very modest costs.

Users will be able to store their works of art on the blockchain. The system provides the so-called “copyright pros,” which will allow users to easily distribute their work without having to worry about being used in an unapproved manner.

Red Pulse

Red Pulse is an innovative intelligence gathering and analyzing service built on top of the NEO blockchain. It mainly focuses on the Chinese financial and capital markets, from which it collects data to provide a clear view of the overly complex Chinese market.

The platform aims to connect some of the best possible views on the market coming from industry experts and professionals in order to create a next-generation research sharing ecosystem for its users. Because most financial analysts agree that China is bound to expand its economy even more and the fact that blockchain technology will become even more present in our daily lives shortly, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on Red Pulse and maybe even invest in the platform.

We hope our list of six of the most exciting NEO projects was helpful. We wish you good luck with your future investments!

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