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61,216 ETH Transfer to Kraken in 2023 as Nearly 80,000 Dormant Ether ICO Tokens Awaken

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According to onchain analytics, a wallet that had been dormant for eight years and contained 61,216 ether purchased during the initial coin offering (ICO) subsequently transferred the currency. According to reports, the money was delivered to Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange. This is the fourth time this year that ETH ICO tokens have been activated, with a significant quantity of almost 80,000 dormant ether awakening and becoming active in 2023.

On July 18, 2023, a blockchain parser called Whale Alert informed the public that 61,216 ether had woken up after eight years of dormancy. Onchain market watchers, Lookonchain tweeted about the transaction as well, noting the user’s approximate $0.31 per ether payment. From the last week of July 2014 to the first week of September of the same year, Ethereum held its initial coin offering (ICO).

The user spent less than $20,000 for the ether stockpile, but at the current exchange rate, the present worth of the money is $116.5 million. It appears that the money was sent to a wallet belonging to Kraken at an Ethereum address. According to Whale Alert stats, 8,000 ETH had been transferred from an ICO wallet on May 27 of this year to a significant transfer of 61,216 ETH.

Following a transfer of 7,900 ETH from an ICO participant on April 14, an additional 2,365 ETH from the 2014 ICO became operational on April 23, 2023. Prior to these four ICO participants transferring a combined amount of 79,481 ETH worth $151.26 million, a single person moved 2,075 ETH on November 23, 2022. Notably, there were three ETH ICO activations in November 2022, and a further awakening with a 200 ETH transfer occurred on October 25, 2022.

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