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A Deeper Look at Verge’s Partnership with Mindgeek – Ups and Downs of the Agreement

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Verge has been on the news due to Mindegeek’s partnership with the virtual currency. Mindgeek is an enterprise that owns important porn sites like PornHub or Brazzers. Of course, these are great news for the crypto community, and specifically for Verge. But what let’s go deeper and see the ups and downs of this partnership.

Benefits for Verge and the Crypto Community

Porn sites are usually used by an incredible amount of people. Indeed, in 2017 it received 81 million visitors per day, something that is equal to 28.5 billion visitors during the whole year. This is one of the most positive things about this partnership. Verge and the generic name of cryptocurrencies will gain an incredible exposure. 

This is a crazy number of individuals that because of this site may be interested in investing in Verge and the cryptocurrency market. If just each of them invest $1 USD Dollar on Verge, it would be one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market.

The exposure gained is already something to celebrate about. Just to put it into perspective, millions of dollars are spent daily, just to receive this amount of views. More people knows about that, more possibilities there are that they will use the virtual currency.

Weak Points About the Partnership

Not everything is perfect about this partnership with Mindgeek. As a Reddit user perfectly explains, just a few part of PornHub’s visitors pay for porn. But not all of them know about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Indeed, just a small fraction of them has the technical knowledge to use Verge wallets or crypto exchanges.

Moreover, in order to process the payment, you need to register an email and validate the transaction with your account. That means that the fast payment option that cryptocurrencies are, is not fully applied in this case.

In order for the process to be easier, and the experience smoother, it is necessary for Verge team to work in solutions side by side with Mindgeek and other platforms like Coinbase.


The partnership between Verge and PornHub is an incredible step forward for the crypto community in general, and as mentioned before, even more for Verge. The virtual currency will gain an important exposure and knowledge now that can be used in these sites.

What is important to mark is that the ‘crypto’ solution to slow transaction times and bureaucratic processes within the site, is far from being a reality. There is where Verge needs to work.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents