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A Sustainable Crypto Industry Is In Sight And PEGA Pool Is Leading The Way

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The term “Bitcoin mining” is pretty much synonymous with “impending doom” in today’s world. If even the likes of Elon Musk have gone the great lengths to disassociate themselves with the cryptocurrency (by ceasing to accept Bitcoin as payment), then the situation must be dire. Well, at least, it was – but thanks to PEGA Pool, things are looking up for the global Bitcoin mining community.

PEGA Pool is going where no other crypto mining company has gone before, in more ways than one. Firstly, they are helping struggling Bitcoin miners make ends meet in today’s volatile bear market by giving them significant reductions in pool fees. The amount they save depends on their renewable energy mining status. Those who are already using green energy to mine Bitcoin enjoy 1% fees, while those who aren’t will pay fees set at 2%.

Secondly, PEGA Pool is taking drastic measures to save the ozone layer by using a percentage of their members’ fees to plant new trees – and they recently hit over 84,000 new trees planted so far. In fact, the eco-friendly mining pool will be making the non-renewable energy-using members responsible for this. This is PEGA Pool’s way of helping these miners make a difference while they continue to transition towards greener Bitcoin mining solutions.

There’s a reason why renewable energy mining is such a hot topic in the crypto industry today. In order to verify the currency and mint new coins, miners need to solve incredibly complicated maths problems – and these are only getting more complex as time goes on. This takes an awful lot of energy, which is what causes such immense burning of fossil fuels which releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This causes heat to be trapped, which speeds up global warming. It’s a nightmare, one which PEGA Pool is determined to solve, slowly but surely, on the journey towards a more sustainable crypto industry through green energy mining. 

Bitcoin miners the world over have already signed up for PEGA Pool’s waiting list. 2,964 of them as we write this, in fact. While waiting list spots are running out fast, limited space is still available. Visit www.PEGA-Pool.com for more, where you can also access LIVE stats like blocks mined, total BTC mined, daily revenue, PPS+ pool fees, pool hash rate, and trees planted to date.

PEGA Pool has been making headlines for months, hailed for their mission to make the crypto industry a better, more sustainable place for everyone. The crypto mining company estimates an annual CO2 offset of at least 2,263 right now, which should rise exponentially year on year the more trees they plant, and the more Bitcoin miners they win over to the green energy mining side!

Another thing about the eco-friendly mining pool that’s attracting so many miners is their advanced and highly resilient infrastructure. Servers have been placed in core strategic regions worldwide, which lowers the risk of traditional outages among other issues. This way, even in the face of something as significant as a natural disaster, PEGA Pool’s architecture is resilient enough to stay alive and kicking. A relief for Bitcoin miners everywhere

Table of Contents


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