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Amazon Shows Interest in Crypto Searching for a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Expert

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Amazon is now searching for a cryptocurrency and blockchain expert that would work for the payments team at the company. This could be one of the most decisive moves for Amazon in order to start accepting crypto payments. The company shows it is interested in virtual currencies with this job posting. 

Amazon Searches for a Crypto and Blockchain Expert

The new job posting made by Amazon shows that it is searching for a crypto expert that would be in charge of developing Amazon’s Digital Currency and Blockchain strategy. In this way, the new expert will be working with the payments and experience team. 

The recently released job posting explains that the new hire should have knowledge in blockchain technology, central banks digital currencies (CBDCs) and more. This could be the beginning for Amazon to start working with virtual currencies and accept Bitcoin (BTC) payments. 

The job posting reads as follows:

“You will leverage your domain expertise in Blockchain, Distributed Ledger, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Cryptocurrency to develop the case for the capabilities which should be developed, drive the overall vision and product strategy, and gain leadership buy-in and investment for new capabilities.”

However, it is worth taking into consideration that there is no official information about the date on which Amazon is thinking to implement a crypto payment solution. Indeed, there might not be crypto-solutions at all. Everything at this point is just speculation and it could simply take time before a product or solution is developed. 

According to an Amazon spokesperson, the company is inspired by the innovation that is taking place in the cryptocurrency industry. This is why they are exploring what this innovation could look like on Amazon. 

“We believe the future will be built on new technologies that enable modern, fast, and inexpensive payments,” reads the statement that was released alongside the job posting. “We hope to bring that future to Amazon customers as soon as possible.”

After the announcement, Bitcoin surged by over 4% in the last 24 hours becoming the best-performing crypto among the top 10. The digital asset is now being traded at around $33,850 and it has a market valuation of $635 billion. This shows that the market is excited about the future of Bitcoin and how this virtual currency could be used to pay for goods using Amazon.

A larger number of users would increase transactions on the network and help Bitcoin be more valuable. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents