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Analyst Considers It May Be Difficult To See Bitcoin Under $10,000 Again

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As Bitcoin (BTC) fell under $10,000 in the last hours for a short period of time, the cryptocurrency trader an investor Josh Rager, considered that a four-digit Bitcoin is “a gift.” During the last weeks, Bitcoin has been above $10,000 and fell under that level on two different occasions. He said that in a tweet he wrote on July 14. 

4-Digit Bitcoin is A Gift

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the market, has experienced a very hard drop on July 14. The digital currency fell under $10,000 after around two weeks above that level. This shows that there are still many bears in the space that are making it difficult for BTC to surpass its highest point this year. 

On his Twitter account, Josh Rager wrote about it:

“Said it once and will say it again. 4-digit Bitcoin is a gift. Whether it hits $9,000’s or even $8,000’s.”


Bitcoin had a very good year in terms of price. The virtual currency started 2019 with a price per coin of $3,750 and reached a high of $13,750 a few weeks ago. That means that the most popular cryptocurrency has expanded more than 266%. 

Other digital currencies such as Litecoin (LTC) and Binance Coin (BNB) have expanded even further, showing that the bull market came to several currencies rather than just Bitcoin. Mr. Rager shows that Bitcoin could be traded above $10,000 for a long period of time in the coming years and months. 

During this bull run, Bitcoin’s market dominance has also increased. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin’s dominance reached 65.8% in the last few hours, the largest point since December 2017 when the virtual currency was skyrocketing in the market. 

Other virtual currencies have also fallen today. Indeed, Litecoin, which is going to be experiencing a halving event in August, fell under $90 for the first time since May this year. Meanwhile, the second-largest cryptocurrency in the space, Ethereum (ETH), fell to around $218, according to CoinMarketCap. 

At the moment, Bitcoin has a price per coin of $10,550 and a market cap of $188 billion, followed by Etherewum with a price per coin of $230 and a market valuation of $24.59 billion. Finally, the fourth largest virtual currency Litecoin has a market cap of $5.71 and a price of $91. 

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