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Auradine Introduces Teraflux, a New Line of 270 TH/s Bitcoin Mining Rigs Made in the USA

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In a July 25, 2023 press release, Auradine, a new blockchain infrastructure rival, announced the Teraflux series of Bitcoin mining machines. Auradine’s latest machines have hashrates of 185–270 TH/s.

In mid-May 2023, Auradine announced a $81 million Series A investment deal. Marathon Digital Holdings, Cota Capital, DCVC, and Stanford University joined Celesta Capital and Mayfield to fund the round. The Teraflux series of US-made application-specific integrated circuit mining rigs was launched on Tuesday.

On Monday, Auradine announced that the machines use Energytune mining technology and a 4-nanometer semiconductor. Energytune lets miners “dynamically adjust the energy consumption and bitcoin hashrate based on demand response needs of the electrical grids,” according to the company’s news release. Marathon CEO Fred Thiel said Teraflux enhances demand response “at a fleet level that is critical to our mining operations.”

Auradine’s 4-nanometer ASIC rigs will challenge Bitmain, Microbt, and Canaan. Samsung’s 3-nanometer Gate-All-Around semiconductors were recently found in Microbt’s Whatsminer M56S++. The Whatsminer M53S++ can produce 320 TH/s, whereas the M56S++ produces 230–254 TH/s. Bitmain’s S19 XP Hyd can generate 257 terahash per second, according to system specs.

Auradine provides three mining rigs of 185–270 TH/s, according to its website. 185 TH/s and 22 joules per terahash are produced by the air-cooled miner. With 21 joules per terahash, the single-phase immersion miner can output 250 TH/s. 270 TH/s and 21 joules per terahash are produced by the dual-phase immersion Teraflux bitcoin miner. However, the dual-phase immersion displayed is a drawing of the product.

On Tuesday, Auradine said that early-access customers will receive the systems in the third quarter and manufacturing will begin in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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