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Australian Entrepreneur to Give BTC To Those Who Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

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People that get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Australia could receive BTC from a recognized entrepreneur. Fred Schebesta said that he is ready to give AUD 5 worth of BTC to those individuals that get vaccinated in the country. This includes all the people that have already been vaccinated and all the individuals that will vaccinate in the future. 

BTC Airdrop For the Vaccinated

Those Australians that received the COVID-19 vaccine and those that will take it in the future could receive AUD 5 from Fred Schebesta. As per the report, he had this “crazy idea” for people to have an additional incentive to get finally vaccinated.

About it, Fred Schebesta said:

“I’ve had this crazy idea right now – I’ve never spoken about this. We’re going to give everyone in Australia who gets vaccinated $5 of Bitcoin. Get vaxxed baby, and get your Bitcoin baby as well.”

However, there are some details that vaccinated people should know before receiving the reward for their vaccine. In order for people to get their AUD 5 ($3.56) they should download the Finder app and present the proof of vaccination. That’s it. The funds will then appear on users’ wallets. 

Taking into consideration that not every person in Australia will get vaccinated, his promise would cost him close to $75 million. This comes at a time in which Bitcoin is starting to move higher once again (surpassing $49,000). The question is whether Australians are open to receive and handle Bitcoin considering that the virtual currency has been attacked since it was created.

For example, El Salvador decided to make Bitcoin a legal tender a few months ago. In some weeks, Bitcoin will be accepted in every single store in the country. However, the recognized economist Steve Hanke considers that the country is “playing with fire” due to its decision to make Bitcoin legal tender. 

As he explained, El Salvador “will be burn” in the coming years if they follow their decision to implement and accept Bitcoin as a legal means of payment and consider it legal tender. This is not the first time that Bitcoin receives criticism. In the past, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the U.S. Department of State noted that Nayib Bukele’s decision (President of El Salvador) could be harmful to the country. 

The question is whether this decision made by the Australian entrepreneur will be accepted by local authorities or not.

Table of Contents


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