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Ben Delo BitMEX Co-Founder is UK’s Youngest Cryptocurrency Billionaire

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Ben Delo is BitMEX co-founder and one of the youngest billionaires in the United Kingdom (UK). Delo owns 30% of BitMEX and the platform that he co-founded is one of the most important in the virtual currency market.

Ben Delo the Youngest Crypto Billionaire in he UK

The 34-year old entrepreneur from the United Kingdom, Ben Delo, became the first crypto billionaire after the success of the platform he co-founded, BitMEX. The platform is valued at an estimated $3.6 billion dollars (based on a trading volume of $600 billion dollars during the past year). 

The platform operates different futures products in virtual currencies, including Bitcoin. So, the volatility in the market is very positive for this business. The company is able to make important profits both in bear and bull markets.

Delo commented to The Sunday Times about his wealth:

“It feels made… I have just had my nose down in a start-up for the past four years. It has been non-stop. I was doing 18-hour days at one point. We have all had to make enormous sacrifices to build BitMex.”

At the moment, Delo lives with his wife in Pan Pan Wong, in Hong Kong, where BitMEX is located. It is interesting to mark that Delo is a follower of the billionaire investor Warrant Buffet, which is a crypto bear.

Back in May, Warren Buffet called Bitcoin ‘probably rat poison squared,’ but Delo follows him not because of this comment. Instead, BitMEX’s CEO has only three pair of shoes, flip-flops and they buy with vouchers in McDonalds. In the same way as Buffet, he uses most of the fortune to help charitable organizations and causes.

Once he finished the University, he worked as a software engineer at IBM and a firm in London. Later he has been hired by JP Morgan Chase in Hong Kong. With Arthur Hayes (currently chief executive of BitMex), and Samuel Reed, decided to build the trading platform known as BitMEX.

BitMEX is now one of the most important cryptocurrency platforms in the market and is being used by several investors in the space.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

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