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Binance 2.0 Launches With 9 Incredible Features For Better Trading Experience

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The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has recently announced in a blog post that it has improved its whole platform. As per the announcement, there are 9 features that are going to help users have better trading experience.

Binance Launches New Update For Its Platform

Biance has been operating in the market for two years and it has experienced very large growth over time. Traders really liked the platform and supported the exchange, that is now the largest in terms of trading volume.

One of the main improvements is now related to margin trading. Users can have access to this feature in just a click. It is possible to toggle between exchange and margin trading options. This is going to be available as soon as the upgraded website is activated for all users.

The exchange is now offering one-stop shop for buying virtual currencies with cash. Users can purchase any digital asset using credit cards and other stablecoins such as TrustToken or Paxos.

The third upgrade is a comprehensive user centre that displays the information the user needs in just one place. This will feature balances, commissions, trading fee level, volumes and more.

There are also some important visual enhancements that will have an important impact on user experience. That means that the exchange will use a more consistent visual language across different parts of the website.

There is also more information up front about Binance. On the matter, the blog post released by Binance reads as follows:

“The improved design philosophy underlying the revamped website can be seen from the get-go. At the home page, you’re greeted with an easy-to-view auto-scroll of the laest offering across the ecosystem, with news bulletins at the bottom, plus an announcement section under the banner slides that displays important news bulletins.”

There are many other features on the platform, including better support for 15 languages across the website. This is in order to offer support to more users that are located in different parts of the world and have different languages.

Other improvements include the About Binance section that provides a new way to understand how Binance works and which are the products and services offered. The last two things that the exchange has improved include an enhanced website performance that supports all these new upgrades and better support fast with the revamped support center.

Try Out Binance Today

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Table of Contents


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