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Bitrefill Expands Support for eSIM Cryptocurrency Purchases

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Bitrefill, a mobile top-up service that accepts Bitcoin, has announced support for eSIM purchases made using a variety of cryptocurrencies. After purchasing prepaid data plans with their digital tokens, the service will give travelers access to fast internet in numerous nations worldwide.

Support for eSIM purchases has been added to Bitrefill, a well-known website for purchasing gift cards and mobile top-ups with cryptocurrencies. The business highlighted the new function in a blog post on Tuesday: “The new feature will allow crypto users to have instant mobile internet connection without the need to change SIM cards when they travel.”

You may now experience uninterrupted worldwide connectivity, wherever you are, without the inconvenience of actual SIM cards, thanks to our ongoing efforts to innovate and make it easier for our consumers to live on cryptocurrency.

A digital SIM card, or eSIM, enables you to activate a carrier’s cellular plan without a real SIM card. This is practical and time-saving because it allows you to continue using your regular SIM card while getting an eSIM card, according to Bitrefill.

As you will be utilizing prepaid data, the service can also spare you from unpleasant shocks in the form of unforeseen roaming expenses. The business continued, “If you travel, whether frequently or infrequently, an eSIM is the most adaptable and practical way to acquire internet connection practically anywhere in the world.

Crypto enthusiasts can choose from several local, regional, and international eSIMs at Bitrefill. Make sure your mobile handset can accept this kind of digital SIM card before selecting an eSIM plan in order to use the feature. When checking out, an email address is required.
In addition to other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins like tether (USDT), eSIMs can be purchased using Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Major fiat currencies, including the US dollar, euro, British pound, and others, are also accepted by Bitrefill.

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