DeFi Kingdoms: A Beginner’s Guide


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The crypto world isn’t only made for cryptocurrency trading; there are also play-to-earn games that users can enjoy. DeFi Kingdoms was released last August 2021 and has amassed over 7.32 million players worldwide. 

As a beginner, there is a need for you to do extensive research to learn how blockchain games operate, including the network they run on. Before trying out any popular blockchain games in the market, you should first familiarize the gameplay and monetization process. And since this is an exciting NFT game, feel free to go over our extensive guides on what is an NFT? and how to make an NFT to improve your knowledge of the new phenomenon.

All About DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is another play-to-earn game in the Harmony One network. In an immersive digital environment, the game blends DeFi components with functional NFTs. DeFi Kingdoms uses JEWEL coins as its in-game currency; players can use them to gain rewards and buy NFTs like items and heroes.

Genre: Medieval-style MMORPG

Platform: PC and MAC


Blockchains: Harmony One and Avalanche

On August 22, 2021, DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) became operational to provide an interactive yield farming and token transaction game. By using the Uniswap V2 protocol, it was introduced as a set of smart contracts on the Harmony network. Players can access the game’s features using the utility token JEWEL. 

The creators recently announced the game’s expansion to the Avalanche network, opening opportunities to launch a new utility coin called CRYSTAL. The project team has developed community incentives to expand naturally rather than relying on Venture capital funding. Their collaboration with the Harmony Foundation enabled the team to access more funding and other resources.  

DeFi Kingdoms

By January 2022, DeFi Kingdoms had earned additional 45,000 active users, climbing the ranks of the popular blockchain games in the market for the first quarter. Every year, more and more players are venturing into the world of blockchain and NFT games. DeFi Kingdoms proves that combat-adventure games aren’t the only thriving genre in the crypto market. 

DeFi Kingdoms NFTs And Tokens (JEWEL, CRYSTAL)

The in-game token used for DeFi Kingdoms is JEWEL. It has greater usefulness than a standard coin since, unlike the average crypto token, it serves as the primary token of exchange in a metaverse game. DFK players can use JEWEL to purchase Hero NFTs, and those Hero NFTs can then be used to gain JEWEL and other incentives.

Additionally, JEWEL can be exchanged through the Decentralized Exchange for other tokens and in-game items. Users can also create brand-new heroes by merging existing Heroes with other items. 

In addition to DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale, the creators launched a new addition to the series, DFK: Crystalvale. 

In Crystalvale, CRYSTAL serves the same role as JEWEL did in Serendale. It can be used to purchase and mint Hero NFTs, exchange them on in-game DEX, stake or bet them for fee sharing, combine them for liquidity, and use them to cast votes for governance votes. Crystal’s overall supply is one-fourth the value of JEWEL. 

What is A Decentralized Exchange?

If you haven’t heard of Decentralized Exchange or DEX, it’s where crypto traders conduct peer-to-peer transactions without an intermediary such as banks. DeFi Kingdoms: Serendale and Crystalvale use UniswapV2 Protocol-based DEX

While DFK: Serendale uses JEWEL, ONE, and other tokens available on Harmony, DFK: Crystalvale trades in another subnet, Avalanche, and uses CRYSTAL, AVAX, and other tokens.

By using blockchain trading technology like DEX, players can trade tokens at the current exchange rates. The following section will introduce you to the Decentralized Exchange network used by DeFi Kingdoms. 

What Decentralized Exchange Does DeFi Kingdoms use?

DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms operates on a type of DEX called Uniswap, one of the largest DEX on the Ethereum blockchain. In particular, DFK uses the UniswapV2 Protocol, which has two types of users: liquidity providers and traders. 

Liquidity Providers

The two exchangeable tokens, Token0 and Token1 are given to the pool by the liquidity providers. In exchange, they get a third token known as a liquidity token and a percentage of pool ownership.


Traders use the liquidity providers’ pool to transfer one type of token to the pool and collect a different type of token. The pool’s relative distribution of Token0s and Token1s influences the exchange rate. The pool also takes a small percentage as compensation for the liquidity pool.

In DeFi Kingdoms, you have the opportunity to become a liquidity provider by contributing liquidity to your chosen pool. 

What Blockchain Does DeFi Kingdom Use?

DeFi Kingdoms operates on the Harmony Protocol blockchain, using ONE as its native coin. Players can purchase ONE on most exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, and others. Last March 2022, the DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain or DFK Chain launched Crystalvale, enabling in-game bridging between chains. 

How To Play DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms

To start playing DeFi Kingdoms, you don’t need to install the application; it’s playable on the browser. Aside from PC or MAC, DFK is also playable on your mobile phone; just go to the game’s website and click “Start Playing. ”

Get Tokens

When playing DeFi Kingdoms, you’ll need a browser compatible with a Metamask wallet extension to store Harmony $ONE. You can use any browser, but it’s preferable to use Chrome. After successfully installing your wallet, the game will allow you to choose between Serendale and Crystalvale. 

DeFi Kingdoms

If you pick Serenade, the system will place your wallet on the Harmony blockchain, where you can buy $ONE. But if you prefer to enter Crystalvale, the game will lead you to the Outpost, where you can buy $AVAX on Avalanche. 


If you’ve played medieval RPG Maker games like Stardew Valley, you might be familiar with how to operate DFK’s landscapes. DeFi Kingdoms has the aesthetic of a classic pixel RPG. While making investments and earning money, players can tour locations such as the Tavern, Bank, or Garden, converse with the town crier, and more. 


DeFi Kingdoms

Every game will provide a tutorial to familiarize you with the locations and characters. DeFi Kingdoms also offers a tutorial filled with essential explanations about the world map and specific locations like the market, gardens, jeweler, tavern, castle, and portal. The tutorial also explores the professions available in the game.


DeFi Kingdoms’ gameplay mostly revolves around Heroes, utility-based NFTs that can earn resources through Professions and taking part in combat quests or single matches (PvP). 

The game allows the pairing of Heroes who can infuse the Summoning Crystal with classes, stats, and rarities. They can also participate in Professions Quests to earn $JEWEL, in-game items, and additional points to increase their professional skill toward the next Hero level. 

DeFi Kingdoms

Heroes will eventually be able to take part in additional quests to earn treasure and experience, including PvE missions where they engage in combat.  There is an NFT Agent in the Tavern that helps buy, sell and rent out Heroes to use in the Summoning Portal. 


In DeFi Kingdoms, Heroes can summon by going to the Arch Druid and uniting their essences into a Summoning Crystal. Afterward, using infused crystals at the portal, heroes from far lands must communicate with the heroes who put their essence in the crystal. 

DeFi Kingdoms

Heroes feed a Summoning Crystal with Gaia’s Tears and $JEWELs, which are infused with their energy. Stronger heroes can use more Gaia’s Tears to make the portal search for stronger Heroes, similar to the summoner.


Before choosing a hero, it would be helpful to learn more about the many types of heroes. The same stats determines every hero’s skills. The bonuses added during the summoning process will affect each hero’s primary stats. These additional bonuses are decided by the hero’s class, stat bonus genes, rarity, and class bonuses. Heroes’ stats are measured using the following:

DeFi Kingdoms

Hit Points (HP)

Their hit points determine a hero’s level of life. When injured, they will need to take a break or consume potions to restore their HP, or else they’ll die. 

Mana Points (MP)

To cast spells and perform skills, Heroes need mana points. Once this value falls to zero, the hero cannot cast spells or perform skills until they consume a potion.


Heroes need the stamina to complete tasks. If the hero lacks stamina, they can either rest and regain 1 stamina per 20 minutes or travel to the inn and pay $JEWELs to speed up their stamina recovery.

Strength (STR)

Strength increases the impact of certain actions, particularly physical abilities, and attacks.

Dexterity (DEX)

Dexterity has less of an impact on defense and affects how specific weapons’ attacks are dealt with.

Agility (AGI)

The amount of time between a hero’s combat actions is determined by agility. It also contributes to evasion.

Vitality (VIT)

Vitality is the main stat that affects how quickly HP increases and also aids in debuff recovery.

Endurance (END)

Defense is improved, and debuff resistance is increased by endurance.

Intelligence (INT)

Intelligence adds value to magic and skills and changes how magic evasion works. The amount of MP earned after leveling up is determined by this stat.

Wisdom (WIS)

Wisdom enhances magic defense and multiplies magic talents and assaults. This stat influences how much MP is obtained when Heroes level up.

Luck (LCK)

Luck affects a hero’s ability to score a critical hit.   Additionally, luck has little impact on evasion and marginally raises the likelihood of obtaining rare items.


Heroes can level up to boost their stats. A Hero needs to accumulate enough experience from their adventures to have a chance at leveling up. They can go to the Meditation Circle and spend the proper amount of runes and jewels for their level. They can activate an attunement crystal when they level up, increasing their stats. 


Besides summoning, Heroes mostly rely on completing quests to acquire useful items and experience. There are two quests Heroes can take: Profession Quests and Training Quests.  

Tasks for professions are non-combat-oriented and useful for mastering several valuable skills for the kingdom. Adventure Quests entail traveling to a remote place with a group of heroes to confront evil and keep the loot. 

Helpful Tips For Beginners

To earn digital money in DeFi Kingdoms, you must understand how earning and monetization work. Aside from earnings, there are other factors to remember; here are some tips to help you start your journey in DeFi Kingdoms:

Know How A Decentralized Exchange Works

DeFi Kingdoms is now Harmony’s largest decentralized exchange. If you are familiar with a DEX, you will know that as long as there is a liquidity pool for those tokens, you can exchange any one token for another. 

Knowing how DEX works is important since it serves as the primary means of exchange in the game. You can’t buy and sell Heroes without understanding DEX.

Don’t Just Buy Any Hero You Want

Don’t blindly buy a hero without knowing what each card’s features do and how the stats work. Consider what qualities you want in a hero: are you searching for a Gen0 or a Gen 1 that you can use to create a lot more summons for a reasonable price, or a Hero with zero summons but high rarity?

Remember that a hero’s primary and sub-class class affects how quickly their stats rise as they level up.