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“Dream Place” Platform Introduces Advanced Open-Source VR Games to Blockchain

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Yumerium (YUM) is a blockchain platform designed to put the gamers in control of gaming through a simple yet highly disruptive concept of “earn-to-play.” The platform promises to pay people for playing games.

“By using the blockchain we want to decentralize the gaming ecosystem,” Yumerium Chief Executive Officer Jikhan Jung said. Jung is the founder and CEO of a VR company Subdream Labs and a 15-year veteran of the gaming industry. Now he wants to revolutionize the industry and allowing players, not corporations, call the shots. 

The Earn-to-Play Movement

“We are introducing the earn-to-play movement. Yumerium is rewarding gamers with tokens just for playing,” Jung said. The Yumerium (YUM) tokens can be used to make in-game purchases.

Jung believes in an entirely new business model, one in which the gamers themselves finance and own games. “If you look at the gaming industry right now there is a company that is running the business and there is a player who is playing the game,” Jung explained. “Players are paying money to see the company run the game.”

A Blockchain Crowdfunding Platform for Games

The ultimate goal at Yumerium is to build an open-source blockchain crowdfunding platform for games. Yumerium lets users post ideas and recruit designers as well as other professionals to help build new games. That would bring democracy to gaming by allowing any Yumerium participant to launch a game project and any other participant to invest in it. Gamers would be able to invest YUM they earned playing games on the platform.

Jung hopes to launch the crowdfunding platform next year. He intends to launch Yumerium as a more traditional centralized gaming platform in July after the YUM initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) is completed.

“In the next six months we want to get this ecosystem up and running on our games first to prove this is really working,” Jung said. Yumerium will first launch with five games from Subdream Studios:

  • CryptoMine – the first native game fully integrated with the Yumerium platform.
  • Dream Pets – a VR game where you play with pets (virtual pets!).
  • Hell Dimension VR – a horror/shooter game in which users fight invading monsters.
  • Mega Overload – a retro arcade game.
  • Kingdom Watcher where players strategize to battle the Troll King and his army.

Four of the games will cost a specific amount of Yumerium (YUM) tokens. Kingdom Watcher will cost 120 YUM, Hell Dimension will require 80 YUM to play, Mega Overload is going to cost 120 YUM, and Dream Pets will be priced at 40 YUM.  CryptoMine is a freemium title that users can play without charge. All the titles will be available for sale at the Yumerium store.

“All of our games are VR games, and are multiplayer” Jung said. Yumerium is negotiating deals for an undisclosed number of games owned by other companies.

Jung hopes to launch “earn-to-play” within three months, so players may begin earning tokens on Yumerium as early as in the Fall of 2018.

Solid Games on the Market

Jung is confident that Yumerium can succeed because of Subdream’s experience creating and marketing virtual reality (VR) games, as well as selling them through physical arcades and an online platform called VR Arcade.

“We have our own arcades,” Jung said. His company operates 33 VR Place arcades in Korea. VR Place is a traditional arcade where people go to hang out and play games. Such venues are still common and popular in Asia.

“For 15 years I have been working in the gaming industry,” Jung said. He co-counded a successful gaming platform Gala-Net/www.gPotato.com, which attracted over 20 million users and was later sold to Webzen.  Jung also worked as an executive producer at Kabam and the CEO of COLOPL NI Inc., a studio for social VR gaming that led to Subdream Studios. That experience helped Jung raise $2.4 million from marquee global investors: DeNA, HTC, Genesia Ventures, Cognitive Investment, Macro Ventures, and Bridge Link Capital.

The Yumerium Token presale began on May 24, 2018. It will go on a little longer than most ICOs and will offer some generous discounts.

“We are going to run the token sale for about a month and a half,” Jung revealed. There will be a 30% initial discount and a bonus.”

A Dream Place for Gamers

“We want to make a dream ecosystem for gamers,” Jung said. The word Yumerium is derived from Yume, which in Japanese means “dream”. And the dream at Yumerium is to put gamers in charge of gaming.


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