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The Innovation Path – DropDeck

DropDeck is the most innovative solution to address all the current issues in cross-border business funding for start-ups and SMEs. In order to do so, the intention is to issue digital tokens and deploying smart contracts. This will incentivize all token holders to collaborate with each other and complement the AI. Development.

The mission of DropDeck is to channel resources into innovation, namely innovative companies around the world to improve everyone’s future quality of life. DropDeck is the first to complement A.I. applications with blockchain features to improve the integrity and quality of scoring and ranking the fundraising companies.

The main problem nowadays is that a lot of capital is today misallocated. Just 1,4% of the global investible capital is spent in a year, and in this way facilitating innovation. This misallocation puts our future in danger. That’s why, DropDeck wants to address this problem. The intention is to accelerate the capital flow into innovation, guiding more capital to the most innovative and thriving companies, instead of less efficient ones and zero-sum trades.

A perfect platform can’t do everything like evaluate people and the company, make legal arrangements and more. The platform uses its tokens and smart contracts to delegate everything to the public and incentivizes the public to collaborate and do their best.

DDD Token

DropDeck will issue the Decentralized DropDeck Token (DDD) that will be distributed to serve as a reward for all the participants in the funding value chain. Its value comes from the success of funders and fundraising companies. That’s why, every single participant must collaborate in the best possible way to obtain better results and increase the value of their rewards.

DropDeck is designed to help funders minimize risks and maximize return. It is important to mark that DDD token is certified as not a security. As DropDeck incentivizes the ecosystem to reward the funders, it creates a positive feedback loop of values between funders and fundraising companies, encouraging funders to repeat funding and attract more and more funders. As the size of the ecosystem increases, the value of DDD tokens rises over time.

The Presale ended on November the 18. The Registration for Crowdsale will end soon on November the 20th. If you want to register, click here. Investors can use Bitcoin or Ethereum in order to purchase DDD tokens.

ICOs, SMEs and start-ups account for over $300 billion dollars. DropDeck economy will increase due to the capital flowing into it. In this way, the token issued by DropDeck (DDD) will increase its value exponentially. Later, half of the revenue in tokens will be burned. In this way, the price will keep increasing even further by depleting the total supply. Various exchanges will work with DropDeck in order to guarantee the token liquidity. The team has already confirmed that they have been working with 15 different exchanges.

A Decentralized Autonomous Incentive Ecosystem

The intention of DropDeck is to create an ecosystem in which everyone does the best for each other for their own sake. Everyone can only benefit from benefiting everyone else. This is known as “incentive ecosystem.” DropDeck is an intelligent, decentralized, incentivized cross-border funding platform for start-ups & SMEs worldwide.

“DropDeck’s ‘Incentive System’ based on smart contracts and the Decentralized DropDeck Token (DDD) enables a perfect combination of Online – Offline, Onchain – Offchain, Machine – Man elements to break all barriers in-between, minimize risk, and maximize benefits for all token holders,” reads DropDecks webpage.

Decentralized DropDeck (DDD) tokens are used by funders to make funding and reward participants who support the funding process. Since DDD’s value reflect the success of the funding activities on DropDeck, all participants in the ecosystem are incentivize to do their best.

DropDeck is able to decentralize the funding process and prioritizes inclusion. With the A.I. algorithms are used to rank all the participants. The best performing participants, through a consensus mechanism, are eligible to participate and receive a reward.

“To validate the effectiveness of the Trust score, we will run an experiment to measure the attraction of information with respect to the user scores. Users with varied Trust scores will be targeted with perks, which are premium data that can only be claimed under a condition – the users will be required to send the perks to at least one other user, so that both can claim the perks.”


The working team is conformed by highly capacitated professionals. Anh (Alon) Vo is the Chief Product Designer and Epistemologist Product Manager. Michael Phan, Chief Hacker at John Gait Ventures, Data Analyst at Maritime Bank and Founder at AZDigi. George Popescu is Chair of Advisor Board; CEO and Cofounder at Lampix, Chairman of the Board of Advisors at Gatecoin and Founder and Editor in Chief at Lending Times.

Other team members are Yao Yuan, James Haft, Anik Dang, Dennis Poh, Nagu Thogiti, Patrick Mansfield, Ketki Sen, Harlow Russel, Robert Allen, Hoang Nguyen, GheeHoe Cheng and Steve Young.

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