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Enhancing NFT Certification: Polygon And Wakweli’s New Partnership

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The Web3 infrastructure protocol Wakweli has joined forces with the layer-2 scaling platform Polygon to facilitate nonfungible tokens (NFTs) authentication by producing authentication certificates.

This collaboration will allow every NFT project holder on the Polygon chain to obtain authentication certificates for each of their assets through Wakweli’s platform. The collaboration between Polygon and Wakweli will enable every NFT project holder on the Polygon chain to obtain authenticity certificates for each asset, as per the statement. The collaboration aims to improve the security of the digital environment in general.

In response to the expense of user certificate authentication, Antoine Sarraute, co-founder of Wakweli, stated that Wakweli’s utility token, WAKU, must be staked in order to submit a certificate request. The amount to wager on a request depends on and is proportional to the level of trust required in each circumstance.

The negotiations for the collaboration agreement between the two companies began in August 2022, with the agreement’s final elements being finalized this March.

Wakweli’s testnet will be available in April and compatible with Polygon’s Mumbai testnet. Alpha testing with Polygon’s mainnet will commence in the second quarter of 2023, with general mainnet compatibility anticipated by the third quarter.

By providing a method for recognizing counterfeit NFTs, the partnership between the two firms has unlocked a concrete method for combating these scam attempts, hence fostering greater confidence in the growing ecosystem, as Sarraute noted.

Developers will have access to more advanced use cases, such as the automatic creation of certification requests during minting and more detailed certification information, through the Wakweli platform and its application programming interface (API).

The Polygon Foundation has worked with the South Korean multinational corporation Lotte Group to promote the company’s NFT projects throughout the past month.

Polygon has achieved tremendous traction through partnerships with large companies, including Starbucks and Adidas, resulting in a rise in cryptocurrency user acceptance of the network.

Table of Contents


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