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Ethereum Classic (ETC) And Ethereum (ETH) Communities Increase Blockchain Collaboration

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Virgil Griffith, the Head of Special Projects at the Ethereum Foundation, talked about the increased positive relationship between Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). 

Thanks to his work during the last months, the collaboration between ETH and ETC developers became much more fluent. 

ETC and ETH Get Closer To Each Other

Collaborating is sometimes better than competing. Indeed, collaboration may transform zero-sum games into positive-sum games with benefits for all the participants. 

This was one of the main topics discussed at the Ethereum Classic Summit on October 3 in Vancouver. 

During his time speaking at the summit, Mr. Griffith said that the transformation that Ethereum is currently undergoing to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) opens new possibilities for both teams. 

Although this could bring new possibilities, there are still many months before ETC and ETH understand how they can improve their relationship and how they can collaborate. 

About the current relationship about ETC and ETH, he commented:

“The relationship between ETH and ETC is opening new doors. We are starting to re-getting to know each other.”

Nevertheless, he accepted that the communities will be arguing again in the coming months. He urged both communities to leave contingency aside for the next months. 

In the future, there could be some collaborations between these two communities, including ETC maintaining some ETH1x clients, or more interchain research. It could also be possible for ETC to implement the Cosmo’s Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). 

These are just some of the proposals that Griffith made during his presentation at the event. But there were many others, including Light/fly-client development, dovetails with IoT interests and more. 

The main goal is to start collaborating in different things that could be beneficial to both networks rather than just one. 

He has also mentioned that one of the most important things this year for ETH was related to Microsoft launching Visual Studio plugins for Ethereum. 

He said that it could be possible to make this work in Ethereum Classic, which means that ETC developers would have some of the best developer tools in the market. In order for this to happen, it will be important for both networks to increase their interoperability. 

Griffith ended by explaining that there were very positive things for both communities in terms of collaboration. At the same time, ETH and ETC brought up mutual interests that could eventually be discussed in the future and improve blockchain interoperability. 

“We will have to look to the future, not dwell on the past,” Griffith stated. 

Table of Contents


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