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Ethereum Developers Successfully Launch Holesky Test Network on Second Attempt

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After an initial unsuccessful attempt, Ethereum developers appear to have triumphantly launched the Holesky test network on their second try. The first attempt to get the network up and running earlier in the month encountered issues, leading to a delay.

As of Thursday, reports indicated that the launch process was unfolding without a hitch. However, developers were cautiously optimistic, noting that a “participation rate” of at least 66% would be required for the launch to be officially declared successful. During a live YouTube stream by EthStaker, the developers’ optimism was palpable, one remarking, “It looks like the launch is successful,” eliciting a positive response from colleagues who were relieved they wouldn’t need a third attempt.

The Holesky network has been anticipated for its potential to enhance the testing of ambitious scaling plans for the main Ethereum blockchain. It is poised to replace the currently widely used Goerli testnet and is designed to allow the participation of twice as many validators as the mainnet. Moreover, Holesky aims to address the testnet ETH supply issues encountered with Goerli.

The initial launch of Holesky had been scheduled for September 15, aligning with the one-year anniversary of Ethereum’s landmark “Merge” transition to a proof-of-stake blockchain renowned for its enhanced energy efficiency. Unfortunately, misconfiguration issues thwarted these plans, necessitating a postponement of the launch.

In the aftermath of the initial failed attempt, Parithosh Jayanthi, a devops engineer at the Ethereum Foundation, conveyed the developers’ resolve to ensure the successful launch of the new network, emphasizing its long-term significance.

The Holesky test network is anticipated to play a crucial role in the preparation for Ethereum’s impending Dencun hard fork. This update is expected to introduce proto-danksharding, a sophisticated technical feature projected to significantly reduce gas fees, enhancing the overall user experience on the Ethereum network.

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