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Exclusive Guide to BlockchainWeekend NYC Event Lineup


John Asher


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John Asher



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How is blockchain space growing? What are the next great blockchain projects out there? You might be wondering how you can learn more about this technology and what is coming up. BlockchainWeekend NYC is the perfect opportunity to explore the blockchain.


BlockchainWeekend NYC, taking place from Thursday, Nov. 7 – Sunday, Nov. 10th, will provide a variety of events that will grab your interest. With 50 + events across NYC in 4 days, it will be a jam-packed weekend of blockchain activity. From conferences to workshops to educational sessions to hackathons, there’s something for all levels of knowledge and all levels of interest. And if you’re only free around happy hour, no worries there is something for you too!


“We are excited to see collaborative, community-driven initiatives like BlockchainWeekend NYC that are helping grow New York City’s blockchain community. BlockchainWeekend is a first-of-its-kind event that aims to provide vital resources and connections to residents across the 5 boroughs, from the blockchain curious to blockchain professionals, giving everyone an opportunity to participate in the development and growth of this technology.”- Ana Ariño, NYCEDC Chief Strategy Officer

Here are a few featured events:

Spotlight Event:

BlockchainWeekend Summit 2019

Featuring educational panels and networking opportunities with leaders in the blockchain industry and NYC’s blockchain community, this event focused on governance and decentralization, will be the spotlight event for the weekend.

Event panelists include a veritable ‘Who’s Who’ from New York City’s tech ecosystem. These include leaders of the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), Ideanomics, a company with broad involvement in the blockchain space, as well as many other prominent technology companies spanning a diverse range of business verticals in New York City.

Speakers include: Alf Poor (CEO of Ideanomics),Sunayna Tuteja (Head of Digital Assets and Blockchain, TD Ameritrade), Mark Jaffe (President of New York Chamber of Commerce), Clyde Vanel (New York Assemblyman and Chair of NYS Internet and Technology) ,Karen Bhatia (Senior Vice President, Tech at Economic Development Corporation),David Weild (Former Chairman, NASDAQ); among many others.

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If you’re interested in the blockchain industry, whether you’re an expert or a beginner, this event will dive into what’s to come for the future of blockchain. Use discount code: BCW40 to get 40% off your ticket.

“We are super excited to be a part of BlockchainWeekend. This year and in the coming years it will be known as a great way to feature blockchain projects to the NYC tech community and the world. BlockchainWeekend brings together the NYC blockchain community and highlights projects that are critical to the future. We are very happy to be part of this initiative.”

Serge Millman

Managing Director, Starta Ventures

BCW Event Host

“We’re excited to see the blockchain community continues to grow and come together for BlockchainWeekend. Looking forward to hearing updates from the teams that participated in the NYC BigApps Blockchain Challenge, as well as the other exciting blockchain projects from around the world.”

Casey Koppelson

Program Manager, NYC BigApps Blockchain

Featured Events:

Blockchain Live

Join blockchain entrepreneurs, leaders and companies in a discussion of bringing together the NYC blockchain ecosystem through education learn about applications on the blockchain and the future of decentralized finance.

Blockchain Crypto Summit

Featuring Keynote speakers Yossi Hansson of Techstars Blockchain and Jamiel Sheikh of Chainhaus, leaders and innovators in the blockchain space will come together to answer questions on the state of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Thinking Outside the Block

Wanna learn how to launch or grow in the blockchain community?

Civic Hall + ConsenSys

Looking for a way to meet and learn from technologists, product managers, designers and engineers? Find out more.

Educational/ Conference events:

Fintech Summit With CKGSB Americas

Fintech Summit is creating a setting where both academic and business world expertise can freely exchange ideas. The goal is to solve real-world problems, deriving solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Nano Technology, and Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. a networking environment.

Urban Development: Building Stronger Communities

Be a part of the center for creative land recycling; Urban redevelopment. “Building Stronger Communities”. See how blockchain can transform recycling space.

Global Hackathon: Blockchain for Social Impact

Brooklyn Hackathon, creating the foundation for social mobility and equity for all. Participants will collaborate with diverse stakeholders, from academia to businesses and start-ups, with all focused on the common goal of social impact, that is, making the world a better place for more people.

Workshop/ Happy Hour Events :

Pitch Contest & Happy Hour Start Ventures – Hear pitches from international startups breaking into the US market and then get a chance to casually network over drinks and light snacks. Learn how they launched a venture fund with an ICO back in 2017

Shake Rattle Roll and Duel

When it’s all said and done – which it never is – and you’re looking for a little bit of fun join Shake Rattle Roll and Duel for a night of music, comedy, dancing, and drinking!

This is just a glimpse of events you’ll be able to attend during BlockchainWeekend. From education to networking or just having an evening full of fun, you’ll have plenty of events to quench your thirst for tech! For the full list of events go to BlockchainWeekend.org, and explore the perfect events for you.











Writer bio:

Paul Lennie

Paul is a Scottish finance expert who moved to New York in 2002 to trade on Wall Street, and has been a blockchain and cryptocurrency advocate since 2013. He is a well-respected member of the global blockchain community, and has worked with banks and other large corporations on integrating blockchain technology into their businesses.