German National Tourism Board Accept Cryptocurrency Payments – BTC Included

· 28 Mar 2018 in Cryptocurrency News, Home
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The German National Tourism Board (GNBT) has announced that it starts accepting cryptocurrencies for the services they offer. The GNTB promotes several destinations all over the world for people to visit. The agency would also like to implement blockchain technology in order to have better control over its finances.

GNBT Accepts Cryptocurrencies

The GNBT is not the first tourism-related agency that is accepting cryptocurrencies for its services. Indeed, other airlines like Peach Aviation in Japan, Fair Taiwan, or Start Jets International, are accepting Bitcoin payments. Besides that, the Brisbane Airport has become the first Cryptocurrency-Friendly airport on earth.

The main intention of the German National Tourism Board is to embrace the new technologies and apply them to the organization.

Germany's Bundestag
Germany’s Bundestag

GNBT’s Chair Petra Hedorfer commented about this initiative:

“Within our digitalization strategy, we are constantly examining the latest technologies and considering their application in our organization. By accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and with the possible implementation of the blockchain technology in our finances, we want to position ourselves as an innovation driver in the tourism industry.”

Over the last decades, the German National Tourism Board, has promoted international travel opportunities for Garman citizens. It is a very active agency that is always trying different marketing strategies in order to improve their results.

The GNBT is trying to position Germany abroad, as well. It works with several countries in order to promote Germany as a business centre and touristic place. With blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies they expect to increase the amount of clients from other places in the world. The agency has a fluid contact with other commerce, companies and trade associations so as to promote their work and offers.

At the moment, authorities in Germany did not take important steps in order to regulate the cryptocurrency market. Germany’s Federal Ministry of Finance announced that cryptocurrencies (bitcoin) should not be taxed when it is used as a means of payment. At the same time, Bafin, Germany’s financial regulator advised investors to use the regulations applicable to traditional financial instruments when investing in ICOs.

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