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GQ Magazine To Launch NFT Collection With Unique Rewards

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GQ Magazine will be launching a new NFT collection for users that will allow them to have real-world rewards rather than just digital and Web3 prizes or recompenses. Some of these rewards include free subscriptions, merchandise linked to the brand, and many other things such as live events or meetings. This is one of the ways to offer holders of non-fungible tokens the possibility to enjoy new ways to explore their NFTs. 

GQ Magazin Ready to Launch New NFT Collection

The famous magazine GQ is planning to release a new non-fungible token collection (NFT) that will offer holders the possibility to enjoy unique rewards linked to the real world. The goal is to engage with their audience and create a more active relationship between the magazine and those that buy it. 

The NFT collection is going to be called GQ3 Issue 001: Change is Good. Users can find more details online at GQ and their official website. The new collection will feature 1,661 NFTs that are linked to multiple art pieces. Some of the artists that are part of this collection include Chuck Anderson, REO, Kelsey Niziolek and Serwah Attafuah. 

Let’s now get back to the rewards that users will receive just for holding these non-fungible tokens. There will be GQ magazine subscriptions, different products, events such as parties and even dedicated merchandise. The goal is to incentivize the community to participate and engage more in different activities linked to the magazine. 

It is worth taking into consideration that GQ is just one of the many companies around the world that are already working with non-fungible tokens. Thanks to the release of NFTs, it is possible to engage the digital community and introduce them to the magazine and the things that GQ organizes. Meanwhile, it is a great way for GQ readers to have a first experience with non-fungible tokens and Web3. 

At the moment, the price of each NFT is $330 (0.1957). Additionally, the new collection will be minted in different phases, starting on March 8. 

Non-fungible tokens can be purchased and sold using different marketplaces such as OpenSea and VeVe, among others. This offers the possibility for users to exchange and collect non-fungible tokens from a wide range of companies and projects from all over the world. 

VeVe Announces Partnership With Lamborghini

At UseTheBitcoin, we reported that the NFT marketplace VeVe announced that it partnered with Automobili Lamborghini in order to release a new car collection. This will allow holders of these NFT to get access to a unique car collection that has been thought for car enthusiasts and Web3 NFT collectors. 

Dan Crothers, the co-founder of VeVe mentioned:

“Owning, or even simply driving, a Lamborghini is a dream of many. The great thing about our community of passionate collectors is that they just love collecting, but we also hope this will inspire car enthusiasts to jump into the digital collelctibles world too.”

These are just some examples of how the NFT industry grows, even during bear markets. 

Table of Contents


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