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Guide: How To Buy nCash On Binance

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Nucleus Vision is a new blockchain project to disrupt the retail industry. The technology is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and its native token is the nCash.

Get all the data you need to know about the Nucleus Vision project here.

nCash was recently listed on the Binance exchange, allowing traders and investors to buy or sell their tokens quickly.

Currently, the option of purchasing the nCash with fiat isn’t available. Nevertheless, it can be exchanged by buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, or the Binance tokens on the Binance exchange.

If you don’t have either of the cryptocurrencies mentioned above, you might want to purchase Ethereum on Coinbase with fiat, transfer the acquired funds to Binance and make the exchange.

Note that nCash can be purchased using Bitcoin as well, it just takes longer and costs more when buying Bitcoins compared to another cryptocurrency like the Ethereum.

Now that you have some Ethers in your cryptocurrency wallet, it’s time to exchange them for nCash.

Let’s Begin

Step 1

First of all, you need to be enrolled on the Binance platform. Registering is easy, all you have to do is click here, and fill out the details as requested on the page. You’ll need an active email account and a secure password to get registered.

Step 2

After registration, a mail is sent to your inbox for verification. This is to make sure you are the one who signed up for the account. You obviously don’t want someone transacting in your name.

Step 3

When logged into the Binance exchange platform, it’s now time to send some of your earlier purchased cryptocurrency, the Ethers onto Binance. To do this, locate the ‘Funds‘ link at the top of the page, then choose the ‘Deposit‘ option that appears.


Step 4

Click to select Ethereum from the list of Cryptocurrency assets listed on Binance. Use the search box that displays to find the asset you want to fund with even faster. When found, click on Ethereum and wait for the platform to generate an Ethereum wallet address assigned to you on the platform. There you will send your funds.

Step 5

Click on the ‘Copy Address‘ button to copy wallet address to the clipboard. Use the ‘Show QR Code‘ button if your ethers are stored in a wallet that’s easily accessible from your mobile device. You now need to send any amount of Ethers based on how much nCash you are exchanging to the Binance platform.

Step 6

When your Ethers have been sent, you may need to wait a while for network confirmations. This should be done within minutes, and you’ll be set to exchange them for nCash.

Step 7

After all confirmations and your ethers reflected in its wallet, locate the ‘Exchange‘ link on the page. It’s just right after the logo. Choose to select the ‘Basic‘ option as displayed.

Step 8

On the Basic page, at the top right section, choose the cryptocurrency pair you want, in this case, it’ll be NCASH/ETH. Make sure the ETH option is selected on that section, then type NCASH into the search box below. Click on the pair to make your exchange.

Step 9

  • Make sure the Limit tab is active. You will find that under the NCASH/ETH chart.
  • In the first box labeled ‘Price,’ you will get to see how much each NCASH costs to the Ether. The second box requires you to input the number of NCASH tokens you are willing to purchase. Use the percentage options below the box to select what percentage of your funded ethers you want to commit to buying the NCASH tokens. The box labeled total calculates the total amount you are paying in Ethers for that transaction.
  • Click on the ‘Buy NCASH‘ button to trade your Ethers for NCASH.

In a moment, you should get your NCASH tokens stored in its wallet on the Binance exchange. To confirm this, you go to the ‘Funds’ link once again and click on ‘Balances’ option that appears. Your assets with coins/tokens in them are listed first so you should see your NCASH tokens on top of the list.

You are now free to send your tokens to an NCASH compatible wallet outside the exchange where you have full control over your tokens. It’s more secure to have them sent to a hardware wallet.

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