How to Earn Bitcoins Quickly?


Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


bitcoin / BTC

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Jonathan Gibson


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With the recent expansion of the cryptocurrency market, everyone wants to know how to earn Bitcoins quickly. There are some ways that would help you get access to Bitcoin (BTC). However, you might get just small amounts of Bitcoin rather than large sums. 

This guide will explain to you how to earn Bitcoins quickly and what you can do in order to be part of the market. However, we should also tell you that there are no free Bitcoins shared just because of charity. You can always get Bitcoin by acquiring them, by working for Bitcoin or using faucets, among other things. 

Bitcoin Scarcity

To understand how to earn Bitcoins quickly, we should know that Bitcoin is a scarce asset. There will only be 21 million BTC. This scarcity is one of the main characteristics of BTC and the way in which it works. 

In order to create new Bitcoins, miners process the transactions of the network. This is a process called mining and it rewards miners with new BTC coins. Each block with transactions (one every ten minutes) gives miners 6.25 BTC. 

Every four years, the rewards for miners are reduced by half. That means that miners will only get 3.125 BTC after the next halving event. The lower the rewards for miners, the more bullish it becomes for Bitcoin. 


Demand for the asset could remain stable or grow, but the newly issued coins might not be able to meet the demand of BTC. This is why it is so difficult to get Bitcoins right now. Nevertheless, there are some ways to earn Bitcoins quickly that we will discuss in this guide. 

Bitcoin’s scarcity is definitely important to understand why everyone wants to get Bitcoin. But this is not the only reason. Knowing there are 21 million BTC coins to be mined, everyone wants to get access to at least one of them. 

But the demand for Bitcoin is also related to its decentralization and the solutions it offers to users. With fiat currencies, we are subject to government control. This does not happen with Bitcoin, that does not depend on any central authority like a central bank or government. 

Many companies and individuals are purchasing Bitcoin because they want to become really free from governments. ANd this is something they can only get with Bitcoin. 

How to Earn Bitcoins Quickly

If you want to know how to earn Bitcoins quickly, then you are in the right place. This guide will focus on the easiest ways to get Bitcoins quickly. Although there are no free BTC, you will be able to easily acquire some Bitcoin and be part of the revolutionary technology behind this digital asset. 

Although buying it is the easiest and fastest way, there are many other ways to hold Bitcoin. You can work and get paid in Bitcoin, you can use faucets and you can also participate in some airdrops. These are just some of the ways to earn bitcoins quickly, but there are many others that would help you do that as well. 

Buy Bitcoin

The easiest way to earn Bitcoins quickly is by purchasing them. You can buy Bitcoin on many different platforms. These platforms are called exchanges and they are very easy to use. If you really care about speed, then this is the most straightforward way to earn Bitcoins quickly. 

In order to do so, you need to open an account on these platforms. You should think of them as financial brokers that help you get access to digital currencies. Once you get registered on that platform, you should only deposit funds and buy Bitcoin. 

In some cases, you can directly buy Bitcoin with a debit or credit card. If you prefer to buy Bitcoin with a bank transfer, then the process might take longer. These exchanges offer different solutions depending on the jurisdiction where they operate. 

bitcoin on a laptop illustration

Some exchanges would only be available in some countries, while other exchanges would be available in multiple jurisdictions. Worldwide exchanges include Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, and OKEx, among others. 

Local exchanges would then have lower volumes and they might also have fewer services. This is something you should investigate and carefully analyse. Some platforms might also have harder Know your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations. 

In some jurisdictions, exchanges are obligated to share information about their clients and purchases with local authorities. You want to make sure you use an exchange with fewer restrictions if you care about privacy. KuCoin is one of the best exchanges regarding that matter. 

Additionally, in most of the exchanges we mentioned before, you will be able to earn Bitcoins quickly as long as you pay for them. If you want to also buy other virtual currencies, you would be able to do so through these exchanges and platforms. 

Work for Bitcoin

Another way to earn Bitcoins quickly is to work for them. You can work for a company and get paid in Bitcoin. This is something that is not so common. Indeed, it might be difficult for you to get paid in Bitcoin if you are working for corporations. 

However, there are some smaller companies and startups that are paying their employees in Bitcoin or other virtual currencies. You would simply work as you would normally do and receive Bitcoin instead. 

This might not be the quickest way to earn Bitcoin, but it would definitely be worth the try. If you are a Bitcoin support, then you should analyse whether receiving your salary in Bitcoin is a good option or not. In some cases, you will realize that it is worth doing it and forgetting about fiat currencies. 


Indeed, you could connect your crypto wallet to a crypto debit card such as the ones that are offering some crypto companies and reduce your dependency on traditional currencies. You would only pay with your BTC and the exchange is going to be performed automatically once you pay with your card. 

Working for Bitcoin has many other advantages. If you want to save in BTC and hold the virtual currency, you do not have to think about buying it. You just receive the payment in BTC and start spending the Bitcoin you need for your daily needs. That’s all you have to do. 

If you are worried about price fluctuations, you can always transform part of your BTC into local currency or a stablecoin such as Tether (USDT) or USD Coin (USDC), among others. In this way, you can save some parts in BTC and keep the remaining in stablecoins. 

If you work for a company or a corporation that does not pay in Bitcoin, you can always use part of your salary to purchase Bitcoin. This would be the easiest way to get access to funds that would help you buy Bitcoin. 

Use Bitcoin Faucets

If you want to earn Bitcoins quickly, then you should definitely try faucets. These are websites that require you to perform small and easy tasks and receive Bitcoin as a reward. The tasks are different depending on the platform you use. Some of the rewards include filling a captcha, completing some short puzzles and scrolling or clicking through a website. 

For this attention and your time, you will get paid in Bitcoin. But there is just a small thing we should consider, the time spent in faucets is usually not worth it. Indeed, you might receive the equivalent of a few satoshis (for example 50 satoshis). 

faucet pouring bitcoins illustration this is one of the ways to earn free bitcoin

Remember that you might need a minimum of 10,000 satoshis to withdraw your funds to a wallet, pay for the transfer fees and still get some BTC. This is a slow process that might not be as good as purchasing Bitcoin from a cryptocurrency exchange. 

If you do not have any money to buy Bitcoin and you just want to hold a few cents in BTC, then Bitcoin faucets could be the right way to go. As we already mentioned, these would not let you earn large amounts of Bitcoin, but they could help you understand how Bitcoin works and how to set up a wallet. 

Faucets were paying much more when they were first released in 2010/2011. Nowadays, faucets are simply to show people how to handle Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Despite that, they can be of help to those users that want to earn Bitcoins quickly and without having to pay for them. 

Participate in Airdrops

If you want to earn Bitcoins quickly, consider participating in airdrops. Airdrops are the distribution of ERC-20 coins (or other coin standards) to some users that follow some rules. For example, a new project might want to give away coins to users from all over the world in order to reach a larger number of investors. 

These airdrops tend to have value as soon as they are distributed to users. These projects want to get known and listed on different exchanges. If you are fast enough, you could sell the coins in a cryptocurrency exchange and get Bitcoin instead. 

There are several airdrops per year and some of them are even promoted by different platforms. If you want to earn Bitcoins quickly, you can participate in these airdrops and as soon as you see the opportunity to sell the coins, do so and exchange them for Bitcoin. 

Participating in airdrops is an easy thing to do. If you want to earn Bitcoins quickly, you should already set up a wallet that would only be used to receive airdrops. There are different ways to participate, it is up to you to select the methods you like the most. 

You should also set up a calendar that would help you get clear information about which are the next airdrops and what you can do to participate in them. If you feel that this is complicated, let us tell you that it is easier than you think. 

The more airdrops you participate in, the better it would become for you to get access to Bitcoin. Although the funds you might earn are not massive, they would help you get access to Bitcoin in just a few simple steps. 

Start a Referral Campaign

There is also another way to earn Bitcoins quickly. This can be done by starting a new referral campaign for crypto platforms. If you have access to social media accounts or websites, then you could start your own affiliate campaign. 

But what is this all about? Affiliate campaigns are very helpful for crypto-related companies to get known in the market. Referral programs are offered by crypto exchanges, wallets and other firms in order to expand their user base. Users that bring new investors and traders will then be rewarded with Bitcoin or other virtual currencies. 

Referral campaigns can be very successful. Not all of them would bring you rewards, but if you have large exposure to social media networks or other types of accounts, then you might have the possibility to promote your referral link. 

A profitable referral campaign would require you to work on a regular basis to expand the number of users that get exposure to your affiliate link. Then, you want to make sure people use this link to get registered on the platform. 

The larger the number of users you bring to a specific exchange or crypto company, the larger your potential rewards. In some cases, profitable affiliate marketers are able to make several hundreds of dollars per month. Nonetheless, even if you do not reach the level of success of other affiliate marketers, just by bringing a few dozens of users, you might already earn a few BTC per month.

Final Words

We have seen how it is possible to earn Bitcoins quickly. There are some options that you can follow and that would help you get access to the coins you want. This guide can also be used to get access not only to Bitcoin but also other virtual currencies such as Litecoin (LTC) or Ethereum. 

We know there are other ways to earn Bitcoins quickly. However, we have focused on the different options that we consider are the most relevant for investors and users from different jurisdictions.