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ICON and Polkadot Work Together To Increase Interoperability

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Both ICON (ICX) and Polkadot (DOT) are now working together in order for developers to be able to build decentralized cross-chain applications. In this way, functionalities from different blockchains can be used without having to build them from scratch.

Four different parachains on the Polkadot ecosystem will now be integrated with the Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) solution that focuses on interoperability. 

ICON and Polkadot Work Together 

Interoperability is one of the most important things for developers and blockchain networks. Nowadays it is difficult to get access to features from other networks. This is why the recent integration between ICON and Polkadot has added value to the entire crypto ecosystem. 

Acala, Moonbeam, Plasm and Edgeware will now be integrated into the ICON network through the BTP solution. In this way, it will be possible for developers to focus on developing new blockchain applications relying on a wide range of features from other blockchains. 

According to the new blog post released by the ICON Community, they explain that the aforementioned parachains are just the first ones to be integrated with ICON. As per the report, Acala brings a robust and EVM-compatible Polkadot ecosystem. Moreover, Moonbean is able to bring closer ICON with Ethereum integrations such as DeFi, NFT and games. 

Furthermore, Edgeware and Plasma bring decentralized community governance and layer 2 solutions, respectively. In this way, new projects will now be developed on both of these networks using different solutions and tools. 

The blog post reads as follows:

“This puts all the necessary pieces in place for ICON to connect to any Frontier Pallet parachain. Precompiled contracts will soon also be merged to the Acala, MoonBeam, Plasm, and Edgeware EVM, for compatibility with each of their individual custom-built EVM modules.”

According to the blog post, the goal is to have a testnet implementations for BTP smart contracts that would be completed as soon as in the second quarter of this year. They have also informed that developers are already familiarized with the Polkadot ecosystem and their technology stack. 

With this integration, different applications will be interacting between ICON and Polkadot adding value to the entire blockchain ecosystem. This includes cross-network transfers, decentralized data transfer and other smart contract integrations. 

Polkadot and ICON are two of the largest blockchain networks in the world. Polkadot is certainly moving forward trying to make interoperability a natural thing in the blockchain ecosystem. With the use of parachains, the team behind Polakdot is solving one of the main challenges faced by the blockchain industry. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents