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Immutable to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming by Eliminating Gas Fees

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Immutable, a Web3 gaming company, is poised to transform the gaming landscape with its innovative blockchain protocol, set to eliminate gas fees for gamers. This significant development, expected to go live in early 2024, centers around Immutable’s zero-knowledge proof-based (ZK-proofs) scaling platform, Immutable zkEVM.

Introducing Immutable zkEVM marks a milestone in making blockchain gaming more accessible and user-friendly. By removing the transaction fees for end-users, Immutable aims to provide a seamless onboarding experience for gamers, addressing one of the key barriers to Web3 gaming adoption.

Traditionally, blockchain-based Web3 games require players to pay gas fees to network validators for processing transactions. These fees, integral to protocols like Ethereum, have been a deterrent for conventional gamers accustomed to transaction-free gaming experiences.

Immutable’s Chief Technology Officer, Alex Connolly, emphasized the need for Web3 games to offer a familiar and streamlined user experience. He noted that mainstream players are unlikely to accept norms like gas fees, which are common in blockchain. Connolly stated, “There are a couple of norms in the blockchain space that mainstream players simply won’t accept; gas fees fall into that category.”

To address this, game developers using Immutable zkEVM can sponsor the gas fees, thereby removing this cost burden from players. This approach is expected to boost player adoption and increase revenues for game studios. During its mainnet launch, Immutable also plans to sponsor gas fees for all games in its ecosystem for a limited period.

The studio estimates that game studios might incur around $500 to $1000 in gas fees for every 100,000 users, a cost Connolly suggests could be likened to standard infrastructure or server expenses.

Immutable announced in August that its zkEVM would offer game developers lower development costs, enhanced security, and the benefits of the Ethereum ecosystem’s network effects. In March, Immutable’s co-founder and president, Robbie Ferguson, expressed that the zkEVM is designed to enhance ownership rights for Web3 gamers.

Over 20 gaming studios have already pledged support for the beta launch of Immutable’s zkEVM. This list includes notable names like GameStop, TokenTrove marketplace, web-based game distributor Kongregate, and game designer iLogos, indicating widespread industry enthusiasm for this groundbreaking development in Web3 gaming.

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