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Inspect’s Browser Extension Allows Twitter NFT Purchases

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MoonPay’s payment options are being integrated by NFT Inspect, which recently made a Chrome browser extension that examines NFTs used as Twitter profile pictures.

By working with Web3 infrastructure provider MoonPay, NFT Inspect, a well-known non-fungible token (NFT) examination and community tool, is enabling Twitter users to buy NFTs and cryptocurrencies using its Chrome browser plugin.

A new Chrome browser plugin from Inspect that offers real-time statistics on well-known NFT collections frequently used as Twitter profile pictures (PFPs) was introduced last month. Users can search for various ways an NFT is utilized on Twitter using the Twitter NFT Search tool, which also has a test online version and analyzes blockchain information about the collection.

In a news statement, the new alliance will make it possible for users of NFT Inspect to utilize MoonPay’s payment system to buy a variety of cryptocurrencies before purchasing NFTs. Debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and a number of regional bank transfer possibilities are among the payment methods that MoonPay accepts.

Ivan Soto-Wright, CEO and co-founder of MoonPay stated that this partnership “reinforces our shared vision of fostering widespread crypto adoption and creating a borderless digital payments ecosystem, where everyone can participate, regardless of experience level.”

After declaring its reluctant closure in January, NFT Inspect was revived under new ownership in March. After the acquisition, it proceeded to expand the tools it offers NFT traders to assist them track market movements. Most recently, it teamed with Polygon Labs to encourage adoption.

In recent months, MoonPay has also increased the number of its partnership. In June 2022, MoonPay will begin accepting Mastercard, enabling users to buy NFTs on a variety of marketplaces including LooksRare and Magic Eden without first having to buy cryptocurrencies.

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