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NFT Inspect Released a New Tool Discovery PFPs on Twitter

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NFT Inspect

The NFT analysis tool was recently brought back to life. It now has a Chrome browser extension that gives real-time information about Twitter profile pictures.

If you’ve seen a popular non-fungible token (NFT) on Twitter and thought who else has shared it or who owns it, there’s a new tool to help you find out.

NFT Inspect, a famous NFT analysis and community tool that was recently brought back to life, has released a Chrome browser extension that gives real-time data on popular NFT collections that are often used as Twitter profile pictures (PFPs).

The Twitter NFT search tool, also available as a beta web version, lets users look for different ways an NFT is used on Twitter, such as in a profile picture or a tweet. The tool can also look at each wallet address by looking through the public blockchain data to find out how any NFTs in the wallet are used. The browser add-on can also show the rareness of each NFT.

President of NFT Inspect Oliver Cohen said, “Twitter has emerged as the central communication platform for all things crypto and NFTs, where industry news, project updates and community discussions take place in real-time. However, we noticed a lack of comprehensive tools that could harness the power of Twitter and provide users with a complete solution for tracking, analyzing and engaging with the crypto and NFT ecosystem.”

Cohen said that the Chrome extension of the tool uses “AI algorithms” to find NFT-related content on Twitter. He also said that the tool can be used to keep track of how popular different NFT groups are and how communities around NFT projects are growing. “These insights help users make informed decisions about NFT investments and community engagement.”

The browser extension works with NFTs on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana blockchains but not with video or GIF files.

After stating its closure in January, NFT Inspect came back to life in March under new ownership. After the purchase, it has continued to add to its set of tools to help NFT traders track market trends. It has also set up a community council with influential NFT users like waleswoosh, Elanaaeth, wabdoteth, and Franklinisbored. 

In May, NFT Inspect and Polygon Labs announced they would work together “to develop novel and distinct NFT use cases, encourage wider adoption and deliver a smooth user experience for their respective communities.”

Table of Contents


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