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KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces Merculet (MVP) Getting Listing Today

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kucoin x merculet partnership

KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces Merculet (MVP) Getting  Listing Today

KuCoin as one of the most notable and trusted crypto exchange markets, strive to provide users the best experience in all digital asset transaction. It is achieved by uniting premium assets worldwide and creating a state of the art transaction platform. And today, KuCoin thrilled to announce that they have once again listed another promising project called Merculet MVP, a well-reputed blockchain based project focusing on internet businesses.

Merculet MVP is now available on KuCoin with supported trading pairs including MVP/BTC and MVP/ETH. MVP deposit is now in effect immediately. Buying starts at 21:30 (UTC+8) while Selling and withdrawal will begin at 22:00 (UTC+8).

Introduction to Merculet MVP

From Mercury and Blocklet, the Roman God of Commercial and the cornerstone of the blockchain, Merculet uses blockchain technology to improve the relations between consumers, producers, and investors. It enables users to monetize their application. As an addition, it also assists businesses to increase their businesses by producing a good feedback ecosystem and the re-distribution of the trillion-dollar value-driven economy.

Major Components

The first one is the User Attention Value (UAV) evaluation system that will technologically estimate the worth of the user’s attention while effortlessly integrating with standard reward point solutions. Next is User Attention Tokens (UAT). It is the particularized token for every entrepreneur. It ties the basic MVP, enabling the collaboration and the value exchange among entrepreneurs. The last component is the Open Content Platform which is created depending on the agreement and is operated by tokens. It will become the source of user attention and will help users from the ecosystem to dynamically advertise the good cycle of the universal content system as a participant.

The Merculet MVP Token

MVP is the business and the transaction token of the business growth-driving, MVP implements fundamental value anchors for entrepreneurial activities of entrepreneurs globally.

It permits entrepreneurs to have more business outlines: such as online advertising, content subscriptions. As a reward for user’s attention, it will accomplish the effect of 1+1>2: MVP is not restricted to a single App or a single enterprise but can distribute. Also, as an incentive for the necessary amount of work in Open Content Platform, such as rewards for translators and a bonus for high-quality content producers in the method of content circulation, promote the sound development of content ecology.

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