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LinkedIn: Blockchain-Related Skills Are In High Demand After Bitcoin’s Massive Price Increase

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Blockchain, the technology that was born with Bitcoin (BTC) continues to grow and expand, following the general trend of the cryptocurrency market. In the last years, blockchain-related jobs and skills have been in high demand by both large and small companies. In a recent report released by LinkedIn, for the first time, blockchain was the most requested skill in the world. 

Blockchain Technology Continues Growing

It is impossible to negate the growth that blockchain technology had over the last years. Indeed, due to this reason, it became the skill with the highest demand from companies. According to the report produced by LinkedIn, blockchain topped the ranking of skills they make every single year. 

On the mater, LinkedIn explained:

“Many of these skills will continue to evolve rapidly. For example, for the first time this year, blockchain not only made the list of top skills, but topped it—highlighting an increasing awareness and demand for the wider applications of this skill.”

Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), can be used for many things. Indeed, DLT is used to support the use of cryptocurrencies, validate, authorize and move data all around the world. With this technology, cryptocurrencies are able to offer their services to millions of individuals that are currently participating in this interesting market. 

The interest in blockchain technology is highly related to the expansion that Bitcoin experienced in the last years. The most popular virtual currency was able to reach a massive price of $20,000 in 2017. In recent years, it was traded below that value. Indeed, Bitcoin is now being traded around $8,660. 

Not only Bitcoin surged, but many other digital assets also did so as well. With this growing market, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and other companies started to request experts in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. At the same time, universities all over the world have also been adding blockchain-related courses in order to prepare future professionals about how to deal with DLT. 

Companies can implement blockchain solutions in order to improve their services and offer better solutions to clients. Moreover, it would also be possible for them to improve internal solutions and processes making their whole operations more efficient. 

Other skills that were reported by LinkedIn include Cloud Computing, Analytical reasoning, Artificial Intelligence, UX Design and Business Analysis, Affiliate Marketing, Sales, scientific computing and video production, among others. 

Table of Contents


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