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Major Challenges That Crypto Projects Face During Advertising!


Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


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Advertising in the crypto space can be a tough and unforgiving experience. There are dozens of different challenges that you can face, each with enough power to take down the biggest name in the marketing world. So, it’s time to take a look at these challenges and how you can overcome them to run the most successful crypto marketing campaign ever created! 

You need to acquire a vast number of users

 Crypto projects offer their users a bunch of fantastic advantages that you won’t find in the traditional services world. The biggest advantage here is the cost of using the platform or service. As a result, crypto projects need to acquire significantly more users to be able to turn the same amount of profit. This means that customer acquisition is a high-stakes game where you need the biggest bang for your buck!

 You need to manage a large community

Crypto projects always have Telegram or Discord groups, and these can contain thousands of people in them. Each person in these groups will have questions, and it’s your job as a marketer to remain professional and help everyone out, all the while fighting off scammers. While this is hard work, it gives you a great insight into your users and helps you develop more informative communication material

Adwords and Facebook are cracking down on Cryptocurrency 

Google and Facebook have a torrid relationship with crypto projects. It often seems like the only way to get a crypto ad approved on either of these networks is to be a scammer these days, as legitimate projects, like yours, face untold scrutiny. This change in ad acceptance means that PPC advertisers need to use new advertising networks. This is where crypto ad networks like Bitmedia stand out as a precise substitute. The latter is reflected in services provision and targeting options, which are to some extent more in-depth than what you get on conventional ad platforms. Not only is it simpler to use than Adwords and Facebook, but it also offers incredible value for money in terms of the quality of leads generated, targeting the audiences that are all about blockchain and not only. 


Bitmedia is the leading crypto ad network that provides effective advertising services for crypto / NFT / DeFi promotion

You’re at the mercy of the token price

Many crypto advertising platforms will force you to use their own native token, which comes with a ton of risks. By using these types of platforms, you open yourself up to the risk of their token’s wild price swings. Therefore, look for a crypto ad network that sets its prices in USD, meaning that you won’t have any nasty surprises when it comes to billing.

DistributedAll participants have equal access to underlying data, preventing a single party from owning or controlling the data and eliminating intermediaries.
DecentralizedRather than a “primary” data store, blockchain is composed of many nodes in a network, each of which has direct (peer-to-peer) access to one another.
TransparentEvery transaction is visible to all participants, though identifying data can be made anonymous.
ImmutableOnce the transaction is recorded and confirmed, it cannot be altered, ensuring trust among all parties.
AutomatedRules-based algorithms can be created and then triggered by transactional characteristics, reducing and eliminating manual work and creating business transactions.

* Blockchain principles upon which new opportunities arise. They make blockchain technology a model to address and manage the challenges of digital advertising

 You have to engage a vastly disparate community

Crypto communities are incredibly different to what a regular marketeer would have to face. Your users will come from all walks of life from all around the globe. This means that their English proficiency will drastically change. As a result, you need to make sure that your landing pages and content make sense to everyone with poor English all the way to the pros. In the case of the pros, you don’t want to sell yourself short, so finding the balance here is key!

Ridiculous influencer pricing

Influencers are a fantastic way to advertise your crypto project, but the more niche you get, the more expensive influencers become. You can expect to pay upwards of $50,000 for a 10-minute video that comes with a 0% guarantee of any results. That seems like a lot of money to throw at someone to make a video with no assurance of results. If you spent the same on display ads instead, you’d get a pile of results!

 You have to fight the FUD

Fear uncertainty doubt (FUD) is increasingly commonplace in the crypto world. As a crypto marketer, it’s your job to put out the FUD fires and keep your community happy. This means remaining professional in your answers and squashing rumours  from vindictive competitors, these are all things you need to stay on top of when you’re marketing a crypto project!

 A lack of data

The crypto space encourages reclaiming your privacy, which means that it’s harder and harder to get data and accurate results. So, teaming up with a platform that does the hard work and collects data is half the battle. Good display ad networks that operate in the blockchain and crypto space give their users detailed insights into the people that click on ads, meaning you can get all the information you need to refine your marketing campaigns and become more successful!

Too many cooks

The world of crypto advertising has introduced ad exchanges to the world. This means that you’re paying more money to get your ad shown and the costs quickly mount up. All of these ad exchanges introduce more and more cooks to the kitchen and your crypto ad campaign can quickly get torn apart by the hefty fees, resulting in less ROI.

Trends that change the digital advertising strategy and technology landscape

Data privacyGDPR and Google’s recent push to deprecate third-party cookies are strong signals that privacy and security are more important than ad revenue.
User control over adsNewer web browser market entrants (for example, Brave) allows users to control ad content, frequency, and duration and prevent ad trackers.
Ads for rewardsWith tighter advertising controls, users are incentivized with loyalty rewards to click on ads (which they choose)


  Where’d the click come from?

In the fast-paced crypto world, tracking an individual dollar down to a specific campaign and click can be tricky, or nearly impossible. So, using tools such as a professional ad network gives you a real advantage to see where ad spend is best directed so that you can squeeze as much value as possible out of the most effective crypto ad campaigns that you’re running!

Catch them if you can

Many publishers are out there to make a quick buck, so they invest in bot farms to click ads on their sites, increasing their earnings and your spend. This isn’t good for you or your campaign. Teaming up with a crypto ad network that has tools in place to detect this type of traffic is key if you’re going to catch the scammers and invest in only the legitimate traffic there is to be had. Only a few crypto advertising platforms have this feature in place, meaning you can run your ads with total peace of mind! Find this out by talking to the support as such information is not always put to the front of the network’s landing page. Only when you have all the right information from networks like Bitmedia, Web3ads or Cointraffic, that you can consider yourself fully informed. 

 Crypto ads are the way forward!

 Crypto ad networks are without a doubt the way forward when it comes to reaching the right public. They give you all the tools you need to run a successful campaign, without the added hassle. So, if you want to get the best results possible without spending the bulk of your time, fighting FUD fires, then display ads are truly the best way to get effective crypto traffic and a loyal community!