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Market Ledger Token Review

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From start-to-finish, crypto can be complicated. Cross-chain assets, staking holdings, and especially the volatility are quickly overwhelming for new users (and even seasoned investors). Market Ledger, formerly known as MoonX, recently relaunched to help solve these issues and simplify investing for users. The project, which is a few months old, has pivoted away from its meme-worthy branding (the term ‘moon’ in tokens was heavily popularized following Safemoon’s meteoric rise), and has adopted a much more serious moniker with ambitions of wider and more mainstream adoption.

A Token & Platform

Under the Market Ledger flag, this cryptocurrency project is both a token and a platform. As a token, it is available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with buying instructions available here. As a platform, Market Ledger is an all-in-one solution that consolidates token news, trending projects, portfolio weight, and other analytical data to enable users to easily manage their holdings while also finding new investment opportunities.

The website summarizes this value proposition as: “Simply put consider only having to go to one single place – Market Ledger, to gather all the information, whereas currently you need to go to Poocoin, PancakeSwap, Uniswap, YouTube, Telegram, CoinMarketCap, etc.” Other features they plan to integrate are limit buys and stop loss trading which are often unavailable when trading altcoins on decentralized exchanges. With a fiat onramp incoming, Market Ledger will also facilitate credit card purchases of cryptocurrencies.

Safeguarding Investors & Project Developers

Beyond its analytics and portfolio management dashboard, Market Ledger also aims to protect both investors and project developers. Their upcoming launchpad will allow projects to fundraise through Market Ledger but will also require developers to privately KYC. This minimizes the risk of bad actors in the Market Ledger ecosystem. Token and stablecoin deposits will also be required in order to ensure developers are unable to run away with all the funds and liquidity raised. This aims to alleviate investor concerns since crypto is often considered the wild west, with so many honeypots and rugpulls.

While there are strict requirements for developers launching through Market Ledger, the platform also offers services that are meant to facilitate the success of new cryptocurrencies. Market Ledger’s escrow service provides, “an intermediary service between the client and creator. For example, if you are commissioning a smart contract writer to create a contract for you, we will provide an intermediary service to safeguard both parties against non-payment and or non-delivery.”

A Bullish Outlook

For transparency and trust with investors, too, the Market Ledger leadership team is doxxed. The co-founders Gemini & Zack bring with them experiences in the TV/film industries, software development, business incubation and more. They’ve also partnered with other projects to launch an earlier NFT collection which provides passive rewards in the form of Market Ledger tokens, and they’ll be leaning more into NFTs by offering a marketplace for non-fungible tokens. Other strategic partnerships are in the works and their roadmap includes YouTuber outreach and more targeted marketing campaigns. As a fairly new project, one of their major milestone accomplishments was listing on a centralized exchange (LBank). While other teams might struggle to get to this point, Market Ledger seems to be checking off items quickly on its roadmap, and we look forward to seeing how the project continues to develop.

Table of Contents


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