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Need to dissent from the Entertainment Industry Giants

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Gone are the days when you had to join a queue just to get the tickets of that movie everyone’s raving about. From the age of VHS and DVDs, we have grown used to getting entertainment delivered over the Internet. The very essence of the entertainment industry lies in giving opportunities to new talent and appreciating their efforts, but rapid digitization of entertainment has unhinged what this industry once stood for.

Today, Internet giants mandate what sort of entertainment we deserve. And sadly, this spoon-feeding has made us so comfortable that we don’t even realize what we have been missing.

Entertainers, musicians, actors, comedians, directors or content creators crave for the love and appreciation of their fans. They not only rely on their fans for a living, but they also create art in various forms for the sole entertainment purpose of art lovers. Yes, we get to watch movies or listen to music now and then but we don’t get to connect to the content creators themselves. No matter how big a celebrity is, they always need a connection with their fans: A relationship that goes beyond movie theaters or concert halls.

It is not easy to earn a living when you are in the world of entertainment. Content creators need to pay quite a number of people just to get access to the industry. Film studios, record labels, publishers, distributors are up an artist’s throat as soon they earn anything. Unfortunately, content gatekeepers have taken up the above jobs and suffocated artists as well as distributors with such a stronghold of the market. With so much at stake, content creators have no option but to give in and let things run their course.

Hundreds and thousands of people incorporate their efforts to shape a creative work, be it a film or a TV show, and more often than you’d imagine, their efforts do not pay off. Not that their piece of work was not entertaining enough but because they just couldn’t get through the gatekeepers.

The prominent and wealthy have been dominating the filtering, selection procedure since time immemorial and nothing has changed. Entertainment giants like Netflix market whatever content is most profitable for them, not the kind of material that deserves marketing. The suggestions based on your viewing history may seem like a sweet gesture, but this is just another way to earn profits from highest-paying content creators. Not to forget the way they exploit our personal data by selling it to the highest bidder.

A radical change in the way entertainment industry works was long overdue, and the blockchain technology provides an opportunity to do just that. LiveTree ADEPT implements blockchain to build a platform that decentralizes everything from funding, distribution to digital rights management. With a proven background in crowdfunding, LiveTree applies the same concept to entertainment backed with Incubators of the likes of Oscar and BAFTA-nominated filmmakers.

Our platform uses tried and tested technique of marketing content: personal recommendation. The vast network of influencers, bloggers, get paid to refer a work of art to their social circle. This branching out of content helps market the content while making sure everybody involved gets paid fairly.

LiveTree ADEPT uses blockchain with the intent to bring about a revolution and make funding, right-ownership, distribution, marketing films or TV shows a piece of cake. The entertainment industry has a particular manner of running the business, and we know for a fact that things won’t change overnight. This is the reason why we are here for the long run, witnessing and being a part of the reformation.

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Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents