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NEO News Roundup October 8 – DeFi, Scams and More

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We have prepared a NEO news roundup post because we know you are searching for the latest information about developments, news and improvements of the NEO ecosystem. We have prepared some of the most useful NEO news for you to be updated about this project. 

Beware of nNEO Airdrops and Scams – NEO News

The cryptocurrency market has been affected by attacks and hacks for several years. The NEO ecosystem is not an exception. In a recent post, NEO is warning users that received an airdrop of nNEO should not interact with the funds under any circumstance. 

Developers are now closely investigating some reports related to suspicious activity linked to the nNEO token. This is why NEO is advising users not to interact with the digital asset to avoid being scammed, attacked or hacked. 

Gunbot and Nash Work Together to Offer Additional Rewards

Users will now be able to get rewarded in Nash’s mining program if they are using the Gunbot application and are trading Nash on October 8th. There is currently a pool of 100,000 GUNTHY tokens ready to be offered to users that work with the Gunbot application. 

It is worth taking into consideration that users will also have the possibility to receive 100,000 NEX from Nash. 

For those users that do not know, Gunbot has been working as an automated trading bot that helps users automate their trading in the cryptocurrency market. At the moment, individuals can customize their strategies with more than 150 different settings. 

The Nash beta liquidity mining program is rewarding customers that have an average volume of $10,000 per day each week. There are 20,000 NEX distributed on a weekly basis to contributors. 

Flamingo Swap Launch

It is also worth talking about Flamingo Finance and how users are already able to trade tokens on the DeFi platform. Flamingo is working on a daily basis to improve the services they are currently offering to users and expanding the Decentralized Finance market on the NEO network. 

Flamingo is also working on the release of Wrapper and Vault, which will allow users to convert cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH) into NEP-5 standard using Wrapper. They will then be used in different NEO smart contracts. 

NEO Price – NEO News

At the time of writing this NEO news, the NEO digital currency is the 20th largest cryptocurrency in the market. The price of NEO is currently $16.38 and it has a market valuation of $1.15 billion. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents