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Next-Generation Bitcoin Mining Rig from Microbt Contains a 3nm GAA Chip from Samsung

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Samsung’s 3-nanometer (nm) Gate-All-Around (GAA) semiconductor has been found in use a year after its debut, according to sources. No applications of the technology have been confirmed. Techinsights detected Samsung’s 3nm chip in Microbt’s Whatsminer M56S++ Bitcoin mining rig, which produces 230 to 254 terahash per second (TH/s).

The Whatsminer M56S++, Microbt’s next-generation mining equipment, uses Samsung’s newest semiconductor technology. Techinsights found Samsung’s SF3E process in the mining machine’s ASIC. The study notes that Samsung’s 3nm GAA semiconductor process has been available for a year, but no circuits using it have been released yet.

Techinsights researchers said commercializing GAA technique can help make 2nm processors and more. Techinsights said this invention might boost performance, energy efficiency, Moore’s Law, and advanced applications. The revelation confirms long-held concerns that Microbt’s chip supplier is Samsung.

However, Microbt’s rival Bitmain likely uses TSMC processors. BTC mining machines have used cutting-edge semiconductor technology before. Techinsights detected SMIC 7nm in a Minerva Bitcoin mining chip. Digitimes Asia semiconductor research analyst Eric Chen said this breakthrough might be commercialized, although on a modest scale.

“Getting revenues from shipment can be defined as ‘commercialization’, but ASIC is a relatively simple chip to produce, in terms of architecture,” Chen said. Digitimes analyst John Wang noted Samsung’s 3nm GAA yield remained low. Wang says the IT giant wants a wide client base to improve its processes and yield. Techinsights concludes that Samsung’s 3nm semiconductors’ use in other hardware devices is doubtful.

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